My favorite yet

It’s been 30 days since you decided nothing can go into my pussy until I allow you to have sex with a random girl from a bar. It’s part of this torment torture and orgasm denial that you’ve been so fond of. I as always give into your every request like the good denial slut that I am.I’ve been tied up to the bed for four hours as you’ve been lightly caressing my pussy not allowing me to even edge. You’ve told me many times there’s only one way you’ll untie me. You were moaning dirty secrets as you licked on my clit and when I was right on the edge you say to me that you have a deal for me. “Baby girl I will let you orgasm if you allow me to make another women cum 100 times, and I’m so desperate that I tell you to fucking get started. So you untie me and you fucking leave me there at our house I’m soaked needy edging non stop watching porn .You send me a Snapchat from a bar of your drink, than of a girl a little while later, than of a bed and eventually of her head from above as she sucks on your cock . And I edge to the thought of what you’re out doing. I was losing my fucking mind but so happy I could orgasm soon. You come home and as promised you fill my pussy almost immediately. As you stick most of your hand in me hard and fast you tell me in great detail what you did to her, you tell me how you made her cum, how you fucked every hole, you told me how she sucked your cock, and was a squirter, you tell me about the mess you made on her bed. I’m so worked up and so turned on and so excited for the orgasm that is building that I finally earned. Then when I’m finally in bliss right on the edge and able to cum as you hit me just right deep with your hand, I beg you PLEASE MAY I CUM. And you laugh at me and smile “Of coarse not baby I only gave her 11 orgasms maybe 9 more nights out and you’ll have a chance..”I’ve never felt so broken. female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women:

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