combining gaming with edging

just bought the game hades on steam yesterday, and had a fun idea for a little game to play :)my roommate was asleep, so i had to be quiet— he’s a VERY light sleeper. i pulled out my pink dildo, pushed it inside of me, but i didn’t turn it on. the ache of being full without much stimulation instantly got me soaked. a blanket carefully put over my lap disguised any bumps ;)i started playing! i kinda made up the rules to the game as i went, i’ll probably make more solid ones before i play this again lol. for every 3 stages i won, i earn an orgasm. but for every time i die, i earn 2 ruins and 1 edge. ruins are more difficult for me than edges, so i like to punish myself that extra bit.i played a long edging video on pornhub, through an earbud in my phone. it added that extra sense of torture as my clit was still enduring the constant pressure and fullness of the dildo inside of me. i couldn’t move too much, i was afraid i’d accidentally lose myself and orgasm without earning far i’ve earned 3 orgasms, 4 ruins, and 2 hard edges. i’m going to go cash those in now with a little bath, maybe i’ll report back later? :)btw, would love suggestions for more rules to add, or ways to hold myself accountable better! it’s better if it’s really challenging female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women: