weekly report for my owner (day 262 into my life of being denied ☺️)

yes, this report is late, my bad. but it’s here now and that’s all the matters, right? at least I think so. enjoy ☺️you can find my previous reports here and here (feel free to comment but if you wanna message me personally please ask my master u/Separate-Amoeba first)my owner and I took a break for a couple days cuz I tend to get a bit too invested and he thought I could use a break. I thought that’d make for a boring report but this one is just as entertaining and packed with fun tasks as all the other ones.I was supposed to get my cunt back last tuesday but that’s when we started our break and when we came back on friday I asked him to keep it denied because I didn’t see the point in being allowed to use it for just one day before the weekend. anddddd there’s the fact that I love how desperate being denied makes me. thankfully my owner was kind enough to agree to denying me the pleasure of using my cunt ☺️ but uhmm I think I was supposed to get it back today but since this report is late I doubt he’ll let me use itmy master tagged me in this post and while I was worried about what I’d do, I quickly came up with an idea. don’t know how great it was but I did it. I’m staying in an apartment right now and I have already edged in the stairwell of the building but I wanted to up the stakes and take a bigger risk. I left my place wearing nothing but a dress, but that doesn’t matter because once I closed the door behind me I took it off. yes, I was standing completely naked in the stairwell of an apartment building.that’s not all, that on its own isn’t very entertaining, is it? I mean the embarrassment of standing exposed and vulnerable in a “public” space almost killed me but uhmmm yeah, I continued walking down the stairs naked while stopping on every floor to edge before continuing my descent. 3 floors, means 3 edges which all turned me on and horrified me to no end.for the first edge, I was rubbing my clit like crazy, trying to force an edge out so I could get it over with. at that point I was sort of trying to cover myself with the dress. you know, trying to preserve what little dignity I had left 🥴 but as I did my second and third edge I got more horny and that means less thinking. my head was clouded with how embarrassed and turned on I was and I didn’t care anymore, I was just happy to be edging and humiliating myself for my owner. I kind of hoped I would get caught. a dumb naked slut touching herself in an empty stairwell. yeah, if I was caught I’d be fucked whether I wanted it or not. I definitely imagined it happening.I don’t know how I managed to get multiple punishments when we weren’t even playing the whole week but I did and here are some of themmy first punishment was because I told him I was mad at him and that implied that I was thinking (which isn’t allowed for objects 🙄) so he had me smack myself 6 times on the mouth. after I told him that didn’t “fix” me he gave me another punishment. grinding on a frozen water bottle for 20 minutes. now that was a fun fucking punishment. yeah yeah, punishments shouldn’t be enjoyed but this wasn’t all fun. being in contact with ice for even half that time will start to numb things. so my entire cunt was completely numb. I wasn’t allowed to edge at the time I did that punishment but even if I was I wouldn’t have been able to edge. it felt like I put numbing cream on my clit. I was grinding as hard as I could but it would amount to nothing but frustration and pathetic whimpering and begging to edge. lol that was actually pretty fun as well, I like being denied. it makes me pathetic and desperate and I think that shows in the voice recording I sent him 😌when we came back from the break I immediately greeted him by saying “hi loser” which apparently wasn’t the right thing to do. in my defense, I was just testing the waters, you know? like, making sure the break was actually over and it was because he very quickly reprimanded me for that. I had to get naked, line my tongue with clothespins, and edge on my knees in front of a mirror for 15 minutesmy god, was that a humiliating experience. and right after a break it was what I needed. I was getting antsy, I needed to serve and embarrass myself for my owner. I had 4 clothespins on my tongue and the pain from that almost made me dizzy. it made me keep my tongue out and I drooled alllllllll over myself. I loved it, I looked so stupid and pathetic making a mess on myself 😌 for most of the edges I was rubbing my clit while fingering my ass, it was honestly pretty hard not to cum.the whole situation is obviously very embarrassing but watching it all unfold in the mirror while completely naked fucked with me so much. I prefer to edge mostly clothed so when I do it naked I feel so much more exposed and vulnerable. omg, and I imagined my owner watching me do it while berating me for stupid “mistakes”. anyway that was a very fun way to get back into things. I felt slutty and submissive desperate and it left my head feeling fuzzy ☺️I forgot it was saturday and I only remembered too late and by then I was fucking exhausted so I refused to do my report. then I was refusing to do anything he told me to do….again, because I was tired and annoyed so I decided to ignore him and make sure he knew I was. I was just being an all around bitch that night and it earned me a couple punishments. I have to do 4 zippers, all on my right labia (I haven’t ever successfully done even one so I’m very worried to try these which is why I haven’t done them yet). I’m also not allowed to touch my clit with my fingers for a week. I’m upset about that, I like casually touching myself 😔 and I also had to find something hard and dry hump itmore on this dry humping punishment. I did it with panties and jeans on while humping the sink counter in a bathroom. I fucking loved this!!!!!!! maybe even more than normally grinding against something. I think because it made me feel more desperate. I obviously couldn’t get the same stimulation with my clothes on so I was trying really fucking hard to get as much as I could. I also wasn’t allowed to edge during this punishment (which I think really makes it a punishment even though I really enjoyed it). I didn’t think I’d even be able to do I didn’t beg to be allowed to as much as usual. but once I got started I knew it was 100% possible and I was gonna cry out of the sheer frustration of not being allowed to edge. I came out of that bathroom having soaked through my panties and with a wet spot on my jeans 🥴 (something I also didn’t think was possible but my master did. he was right again ofc)yesterday I wouldn’t tell him something he wanted to know. I joked around with him and said we can play hangman or 20 questions so he can guess what I was hiding. he didn’t like that so he said every minute I don’t tell him is an hour of no touch, starting wednesday morning. honestly I thought it was hilarious and extremely fucking hot. I thought it started from when I saw the message but apparently it started when he sent it so by the time I opened the message I already had 5 hours of no touch 🥴 I continued messing around for 5 minutes, again cuz it was turning me the fuck on and I thought it was funny. then I suddenly got scared and told him. I now have 11 hours of no touch starting wednesday 😔that’s all, I think. this report is longer than I thought it would be. and there’s just one thing left to do: thank my owner. uhmm I feel kinda hypocritical thanking him after being punished so much. I should be better for him, that would be a better thank you. but for now, thank you for punishing me, they do help discipline me…even if it’s just temporarily. thank you for looking out for me by having us take the break, I guess I did actually need it. thank you for the tasks you gave me. thank you for everything female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: http://www.amzn.to/1V6XQvv For women: https://ift.tt/1UWn54n

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