Here is our femdom handjob/milking technique. My wife has become a real pro!

My wife and I have been into lighter/medium bondage(no pain or BDSM) for many years. Mainly leather stuff and restraining each other for different types of sex. About 5 years ago we decided on trying the femdom handjobs like you see videos of. Was my fantasy and we have kind of perfected what we do. Thought I would describe it and am happy to answer any comments about it. We are about 50 so a little past prime but we still get it done. We are pretty experienced and have been swingers in the past (not the whole lifestyle thing, just a mild hobby).We call our thing “fun day” or a “session”. We usually plan a few weeks in advance as we make it an all day thing. It’s a mental thing as well. We usually do a Friday or Saturday. Start out by letting my Ann pick what she would like to do before the action. A typical fun day would maybe start with taking Ann shopping and she will find something to spice up the day. I am a leg man do new spiky heels and boots is always east to find. Then a nice lunch and try to be home early afternoon and get the fun underway.Ann will start with a bath and do the lady primping thing while I transform the lower level family room into our dungeon for a better word. I have a deluxe air bed that I have built a portable frame around with eyebolts. We have leather chairs and sofa as well. Mood lighting, large TV, etc. One key thing is to keep the room very warm. Seems to work with all the elements. I will put on some classic 80/90’s porn (were old!). Ann likes me in leather. I have a heavy leather jock, vest, smooth leather chaps. I lay out our restraints for us to pick from once we get going. Ann liked me to have my leather wrist and ankle restraints on and ready for her to clip or tie to the bed frame and whatever she chooses. She has had some leg surgeries so I am more “gentle” with her and usual only restrain her hands. We like a few drinks to get the right ambiance. Fine here, don’t overdo as it’s a long day. But the mood enhancers of your choice is a smart call here.By now, I am ready for my lady. Never rush the lady is my strategy. After a drink and 30 minutes of adult cinema my Ann will let me know she is entering the room. I am always hot and hard at this point. She knows what I like so, most of the time Ann will have on black nylons from SIL, new pointy toe heels or boots, hopefully her black leather corset. She will inspect things as she likes to be a bit in charge.I get a drink for Ann and we will hold hands and just be romantic for a little bit never wanting to rush the moment. After an hour of watching porn, I will ask Ann if I can lay her on the bed. We are both ready to rock by now. She is in charge of my leather jock and I am not allowed to remove it. This is by now quite uncomfortable. I know what my woman wants. I handcuff her and lock then to a D ring on her corset as she lies on the bed. I bury my face in her wet pussy as this is her desire (all the time guys, do this). Even handcuffed she keeps me head in her crotch. As we catch our breath I get the favorite weapon – Hitachi Wand – if you don’t have one get one today. I caress her exposed breast and legs. She knows what is coming. I gently lay the wand on her clit and start on the lower speeds. This thing is powerful and she will be tormented by it for the next hour. She begs me to stop but being a smart guy I know she doesn’t really want me to. I basically keep this on her until my hands and arms can’t hold it anymore. She must orgasm 3 or 4 times. She is soaked from the wand vibing her out her mind. I probably spend 2 hours on making her fun day just that. She is spent, I uncuff her and she is like a rag doll. We both relax and have a nice drink. My turn is next.My cock has been encased in this hot leather jock for a long time. I am slick with precum as I feel myself sliding around in this heavy leather thing. I beg Ann to release me and having recharged a bit she tells me to lay down. Mentally this is crunch time. I want this but also know what coming. We have perfected our fun day which will conclude with a merciless femdom handjob milking. (Guys – know what you are getting into here, the femdom handjob is brutal if unprepared and your lady means business)I lay down on the bed. Ann will usually taunt me a bit here. Giving me a last chance to not do this. I always think about saying no let’s just make love and watch TV but it never happens. You see she has perfected getting me secure which is the KEY to anyone that wants to try this. So it starts. I lay back on the bed. Tired from pleasuring Ann. She is wasting no time in grabbing the red rope we use. Soft but strong, easy to tie for beginners. She ties my left ankle restraint D ring and secures it to the frame. The trick is spreading my legs very far apart which immobilizes me pretty much. She tickles my bare feet soles as she moves to the right ankle and moves my right painfully apart from the left and quickly secures the D ring to the bed frame. She enjoys the act of securing me. She next decided to unleash my cock from the leather jock. Oh my such sweet relief. My cock is hard and slick. She warns me that I will have to last a while. Ann then decided to use leather thigh to wrist restraints. This is our most effective restraint. I am fairly tall (6’2”) so this really keeps me immobile. She teases my cock as she secures the leather thigh restraint (basically a thick leather strap with a wrist restraint riveted to it) next go my wrists she removes the restraints I have on and places my wrist in the attached on with the thigh restraint. She uses the leather mitts on me so I have no finger grabbing ability. I am now at her total mercy. For good measure she puts a leather collar on me and secures it to the top eyebolt on the bed frame. She then uses a 2” ball gag with leather locking strap. The gag is important. When we started doing this I could beg and plead with her to stop and she usually would. Not anymore. We use a serious gag. At best I can whimper a bit.Once secured Ann has become obsessed with tickling my feet which is almost unbearable. This goes on for ten minutes or so. My cock is a hard sloppy mess and she has hardly touched it. The felling of not being able to even remotely squirm out of this is intoxicating. She will usually watch hand job videos while she works my cock. After about 10 minutes of serious hand work I feel the building eruption and so does she. She knows it will be soon. She usually tries to aim the launching for the most mess and discomfort possible. Many times I erupt onto my own face. She seems to love this to no end. I find a bit embarrassing but don’t really have a choice. This session brought an enormous cumshot. Pent up for 4 hours by now I cum all over my chest and vest. The sticky goo is warm on my neck. Ann then olds my cock firm and rubs her palms all over my cock head. It feels like needles. The sensation can only be described as heaven and hell alternating. Ann smiles and pays no attention to my moaning and squirming as she rubs my cock for about 15 minutes when my erection fades. She promptly will work on my feet for another 15 minutes. I am exhausted at this point. This is where she will coax one more erection. We repeat the process one more time. After that we are drained. Sometimes she will leave me locked up for an hour. Just to show me who is the boss.We are both fortunate that we have good stamina for our age. She tells me I have the cock of a 30 year old. Not the biggest (6-7”) but quit a worker. She is always up for an adventure. What I described is an actual/typical fun day for us. We do this about once every 3-4 months as it is a full day.We were active swingers back in the day but are pretty much retired from that. We do have a few close friends from that era that we will do a little fun with now and then. Any questions or anyone needing advice please ask. Get your own Orgasm Control toys: