Gf won’t let me cum but is flashing other guys

Hey so my gf is 18 (I’m 20) and she’s a PAWG; huge ass, chubby arms and legs, fair sized tits, big tummy she keeps tucked away. She’s gone on holiday with her cousin and left me at home and as she’s dressing up slutty all the time I told her to tell me everytime a guy looks at her…seems there’s a lot. Now she’s even flashing guys her ass and letting them look down her top all while she’s forbidden me from cumming or even touching my cock unless she says so. Basically looking to chat with fellow cucks or bulls or even teasing gfs/wives about it on here or kik; iamonewiththeforce Get your own Tease and Denial toys: For men: For women:

Looking for t&d challenges

Hello,I’m male and I’m searching for someone who can give me t&d challenges. You can contact me via pm here (or click here) or if you have Kik, I can write you my username (don’t hesitate to ask me). I currently live in Germany so there might be a time difference.–For clarification, here are some of my “No-Gos”:I will not send pictures right away. Maybe some time laterI will not do something in the public that everyone can see. It’s ok if it’s outside but no one can see meEverything must be doable with things that are in the household.(I might expand this list if necessary)–This is especially for t&d:I’m definitely interested in challenges that can last several daysI’m willing to do challenges that take part during night (with some exceptions)You don’t have to create every single challenge by your own. You can search some up in the internet and modify them.(Can be expanded too)–I hope that there are some people who are interested. Get your own Tease and Denial toys: For men: For women:

Sore balls

So normally a one a day or other day cummer, but decided I’d hold off and tease for three days. Well that was fun and when day three came around I went longer with teasing and denying myself. It’s now day six and I thought a week for my first time tease and denying myself is a good milestone but my balls are so sore now. Any touch or bump or rub is almost doubling me over. Can I make it to tomorrow? How do you stand it? Get your own Tease and Denial toys: For men: For women:

[1st Cum] Let me tell you about my first cum experience.

I never knew how to masturbate until after my 15th birthday. I used to cry myself to sleep because I was so horny. Then, one day in my 14’s, I found my mother’s “Hitachi Magic Wand”.I was pressing it onto my penis when suddenly I thought I was going to pee… Then I did pee… But it wasn’t yellow … something white came out. I knew immediately that it must be sperm even though I had never cum before. Then I looked up. My mom was looking down at me. I ran to my room and didn’t emerge for hours. Get your own Tease and Denial toys: For men: For women: