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I don’t know how it happened, but I am suddenly so aroused by the idea of orgasm denial! I come and read all the posts and comments here everyday, and I’ve been edging my pussy as much as possible, trying to find my boundaries and avoid cumming… I can’t always do it… sometimes I get so foggy and distracted that I can’t take care of my responsibilities, so I have to just cum or stop all together. But if I didn’t have to stop, I think I’d just keep going and going. I am a very sexual person and have a high libido, but my current partner and I don’t get much time together, only having sex typically once a week. We have so much fun exploring each others bodies, it always leaves me wanting more, and then I have to spend the whole week thinking about it and feeling really turned on. Usually, I would just make myself cum, sometimes two or three times a day even, just to relieve some of the tension, but lately, I’ve been loving the feeling of being aroused. My nipples are hard and brush against my clothes, my breasts feel fuller and heavier… and my pussy? It’s a sopping, aching mess. I love it. I don’t think I want to never cum, but I really want to try not to cum without my partner… to only edge (and really push my limits) when I’m alone. I’d appreciate any encouragement. Right now I’m wearing my heaviest Ben wa balls and have a vibrating plug in my ass, and I can’t even touch my pussy for fear of cumming and ruining the feeling. female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women:

Is this report long enough?

Hi all. I have a pair of sluts, R and M, /u/subgirls. They put up a poll here to ask whether their second report is long enough.To clarify, these two sluts serve both me and /u/missx25. They have been edging for close to two months now. We are thinking of giving them an opportunity to cum soon, but if you say their report isn’t long enough, we might have to take more time and make them write a little more first. They’re quite desperate, though, so if you want to be nice to them, and you enjoyed their report, let them know with a yes vote! female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women:

Our denial experience

Hi all! Just wanted to post on here about me and my girlfirends experience with denial, and how much we both love it!So we have always had a dom/sub relationship, and both enjoy it alot but its always a thing of she cums multipple times in a session or over the few days when we do play. Which is amazing! We can’t complain about it at all but I had a idea to deny her for a night.We were both unsure about it at the start as it felt so weird. The next day, she was so horny and grateful, so we decided  to try it again after she came that day. I made her cum and it was a really intense orgasum! She loved it! More than cumming normally, so we gave it a few weeks of normal sex, and we tried it again starting from this Saturday.So that brings us to now. She has been denied for 4 days, she is gagging! Like really gagging, always ready to please me and not think of herself, always ready and willing to be edged. Since Saturday she’s had 28 edges from her clit that doesn’t count me fucking her pussy or ass. Every night either. She soaking wet all the time cum is dripping down her leg on a badly basis. She humps me every night in bed and has got to the stage of being able to edge her clit with no simulation she grinding the air or bed like a dirty desperate whore.This is her first full time being denied and she loves it more than cumming now I think. But I deffo love it more! female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women:

Volunteered for minimum 2 week denial as gift to new partner

So, I’ve started flirting with this woman online a few days ago. As it happened my last orgasm was right before we connected. We’ve been texting and chatting every day. We can’t stop talking to one another. I haven’t connected with someone this strongly in a long time. She’s also the first real life in person partner I might have who is also into edging and orgasm denial.We plan to meet in person not this coming weekend but the following weekend after she’s fully vaccinated.I finally got the courage to ask her if she’d accept a gift of me not cumming again before I meet her unless my wife is ready willing and able, but my wife’s age and health conditions make that unlikely. This means that I’m about at the end of day 3 of a minimum 2 week denial period. I’ve never gone longer than 5 days before. This will be interesting. I’m already wet all the time. I’m curious just how horny I’m gonna be when we do finally meet. female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women: