The 12 Days of Chastitymas – Day 4

Having successfully passed the first three days, my slut was today given a task which confirms that I now have total control over her body, and how much pleasure it is allowed to receive.Day 4, No Touching: You may not touch yourself to bring yourself pleasure in any way, at any time, without first gaining my explicit permission to do so. Permission can be granted if you demonstrate an exceptional job of begging for it. Any other daily rule that involves you touching yourself overrides this rule, and is still allowed.Remember, each new task is an addition to the other daily tasks she has already been given – meaning this mini-dynamic will only get more intense, and more of a mindfuck for her to follow, as the days progress.If you haven’t seen them already, my profile contains posts giving details of her other tasks, which are:Day 1: Underwear controlDay 2: Nipple teasing quotaDay 3: Pictures of gratitudeI will start giving at least some attention to her pussy soon, but in all honesty, when you can make her as wound up and horny as I am without needing to, what’s the rush?I also told her last night exactly how much karma and how many followers I’m gaining because of these posts. I still haven’t shown her the posts themselves, but suffice to say I gave her just enough information to drive her horn levels up a couple of notches – and there are still another eight days to go, at least… female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women:

[F20] My (maybe) last day of denial

Hey, hi. I’ve been lurking on this sub for a while and I’ve only now decided to share my experience.As per title, this will be my last day of denial. Unless…I’ll divide this text in 3 sections: pre-25th, post-25th and Today.Pre-25thSo I’ve been experimenting with orgasm control for a while now, but I could never stop my dirty hands from going over the edge. As punishment, I ruined all those orgasms.I generally spent one day not touching at all, the other edging (and failing to do so).Anyway it was extremely arousing and, once, I was so horny I managed to cum without touching my clit, just filling my pussy with my fingers.Then I discovered this sub.Post 25thSince I’ve started visiting this sub something clicked and, starting on the 25th, I’ve been an extremely good and horny girl.Until yesterday, I’ve been edging myself multiple times a day, being always so close to push myself over, feeling my cunt begging to release the tension. Then contracting in protest for being denied for the Nth time that day.Yesterday I tried going no touch, but it wasn’t very interesting. It’s as if my body forgot all the arousal accumulated these days.In the evening I tried watching porn, but I literally couldn’t keep my hands off me. I think I’ll re-try this only when I’ll get a chastity belt.TodayI wake up without panties. I very much like to stay home without any (only my pyjama pants) because it’s more comfortable. I even workout without them. It’s not even arousing at this point, just something I do.I have breakfast then get back to bed to start my morning routine and to remind my needy cunt how horny she should be.My sister sleeps in my room so I had to keep an eye on her.I begin stroking my clit lightly and it takes me absolutely no time to reach the first edge. I move my hand away, whimpering, then go for another one. It takes me even less time for the second one, and less and less for the subsequent ones. I didn’t count how many I got, but I confidently say 5+.Unfortunately my mum calls me to go and fold the washing, so I have to stop. As I get up I feel my pyjama pants completely soaked, but fortunately it wasn’t visible from the outside.Now I’m alone on the second floor of my house.This is where the day got spicy.I’m still horny af, so I quickly glance around, looking for something to hump. I do so on the empty basin I brought with me.I start picking up the clothes on the line and folding them in the basin and I find my hand holding on a good few clothes pins. Eureka!I look around and snap one on my labia, from above the pants. I take two more: one goes on the other side, the other right on my clit.I take a step and I feel my legs weak: I was being so stimulated, yet not enough to achieve anything. I regain my composure, but everytime I walk or something brushes against the clothes pins, I get reminded of this unachievable pleasure.I decide to take them off me… only to snap them directly on the skin.This is when I see it: my clit was so red and swollen, I’ve never seen it like that. It looked like even a gust of wind would have made me cum my heart out. That cannot be.And snap, I put a pin right at the base of it.I continue to do my chores, my hands are shaking and I can’t fold anything right.Unfortunately the pin on my clit starts hurting too much, so I put it back above my pants, still in the same position.I do everything and at this point I have to go back down to get the wet washing. I can’t show up in front of my parents like that and I have to remove everything from my pussy (which was so wet I felt a drop of thick juices running down my thigh.)I am wearing lots of heavy clothing though, which can easily hide the pins I put on my nipples.So, I go downstairs, making my tits jump up and down as I go, to give a good time to my strangled nipples. I talk to my unsuspecting mother, then back up again. Eureka, another idea comes to my mind, so I finish quickly.I decide to edge myself with the basin once more, thinking how pathetic I must look, squatting there, humping a plastic bowl and almost cumming from it.I rip the pins away from my nipples as punishment for being so slutty.It’s time for my work out and I’ve never been so motivated. I throw away my soaked pyjama and I freshen my pussy up a little. I grab a pair of clean panties.But I’m just a dumb horny slut who forgot how to wear her underwears, so I stuck them up real high in my dripping vagina.Walking is now impossible and I almost can’t keep myself from moaning at every step. Every time I bend to do an exercise, I feel my filled cunt aching and whimpering.I was sure to do lots of kegel exercises.As of now, I’m almost about to explode. Having lunch and a shower did nothing to make my poor little pussy shut up.The best time, was when I first put the pins on me, from above the pants. Oh god, I feel my pussy throbbing just thinking about it.I’m laying on my bed writing this. I’m getting even wetter thinking about all the strangers who will read this and understand that I’m just cock-hungry whore.I’ve edged myself countless times thinking about this and my breathing is heavy.Well this is the end for today. I’ll probably edge myself a few more times later, thinking about tomorrow.Oh yeah, right! Tomorrow is the day. Or is it?For whatever reason my orgasms are not satisfying at all when they come too early: if it takes me too few strokes to arrive at the station, it’s just a bit boring. It feels like I’m ruining it.And I’m so so horny now. Even just brushing my clit slightly makes me ready to orgasm.I want to be free of this warm, frustrating cage, but I don’t want it to end in disappointment.I just can’t wait for the day someone will take control and good care of my needy cunt.Ps. We’ll if you’ve arrived here, congratulations! I’m sorry for this uber long post, but I had lots to tell.I hope it was interesting and a little amusing to read about my struggles. female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women: