The hottest thing I’ve ever done.

I’ve (F19) got a lot of kinks, and most of them involve clit and squirting. So I had an experiment in mind with the last guy I hooked up with. I recently learned to squirt, even if it’s too little. So we managed to fill a whole glass of water, and then put it in a syringe. Got the syringe and injected the whole squirt right into his penis, to his bladder. He said it felt a bit uncomfortable but what happened afterwards was totally worth the effort. When he orgasmed, he ejaculated like normal, but at the same time a lot of my squirt came out of his penis and it was a mixture of cum and squirt. Needless to say that orgasm was very long and he squirted A LOT out of his dick.Then he peed my remaining squirt out and still peed cum. The next days he peed, he still peed cum, like he was cumming every time he pees. Very weird but pretty hot honestly.I’ll keep you updated if anything else happens! female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women:

I’ve been greedy, punishing myself today

Posting here for accountability. I’ve been a greedy whore the past few months and have been cumming whenever I want. I try edging but it gets too much and I don’t see the point in being a good girl. Gonna edge myself and punish myself today (kneeling time with pegs on my tits and ginger in my ass)I’m slightly hungover today so I’m EXTRA horny. Posting here as I need accountability and encouragement and will be asking for punishment if I fail and cum. female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women:

Be a Good Girl!

Daddy patted my head and said, “Remember Good baby girl don’t do cummies, now go watch your cartoon and wait for daddy to finish up his work!”Daddy had a conference call so he had me on headphones watching hentai pet girls with my hands tied behind my back. Then he left me with a cushion taped with a weak vibrator.I’m desperately grinding on the cushion to feel the slightest bit of vibration against my hot puffy little bean.Daddy’s call seems like forever!I wanna cum so so so badly. I can feel a wet sticky mess between my thighs. But that useless vibe isn’t of my help! I tried humping the cushion but it’s of no help.Daddy please come back soon!I’m in the whiniest and neediest state when daddy found me an hour later. Thighs coated with sticky grool, kitty dripping. All I can think of is my throbbing aching little bean!Hearing Daddy’s voice calling Baby girl set my tears flooding my eyes. Daddy lifting that streak of grool from my kitty made me squirmed.I begged daddy to help me cum but he said no yet baby.Please daddy I’ll do anything to cum. Please please please!!! female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women: