Advice please about how to manage my mood and headspace during periods of denial

First time poster and long time lurker here.I’ve been doing short periods of orgasm control and denial with my online Master for the past 18 month recently managing a couple of periods of 10 days and last week 11 days but generally only a few days at a time.Initially I resisted it a lot because I had been using orgasms to manage my stress and as a reward. However over the past month or so edging seems to have really clicked for me and I’m finding edging, particular hard edges, a lot more pleasurable than many of my orgasms and really can now enjoy the journey without needing that final destination….and also enjoy the effects on my libido and how much it pleases my Master to control me in this way.When I’m in a good headspace I’m totally on board with being denied for the many benefits however there are times when it starts to feel like a punishment.Does anyone have any tips and or ideas of how to shift my thinking when I get into that negative mindset….I find that reading mantras and this blog and a list of reasons why denial is beneficial is helpful but sometimes whatever I do I can’t seem to overcome my headspace.I’ve signed up to Juno today…..I had already been on a period of denial from the weekend anyway….I’m worried whether I will be able to manage 30 days as it is a big jump up from what I have previously done but I really really want to give it my best shot and for it to be a fun experience.I’d really like to hear from anyone else about what has helped them if they felt a similar way when they started out or how they have helped others with this…Thank you female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women: