weekly report for my master (day 190 into my new life of being denied ☺️)

ok I have like a minute left to post this before it’s considered late so I’m kinda stressed and don’t know what to write here so i’m sorry about that but I really hope you enjoy the report ☺️here are all my previous reports . (feel free to comment but if you wanna message me personally please ask my master u/Separate-Amoeba first)you know, I didn’t think this would be an eventful week. I had 4 finals to take and I just thought I’d be too busy to do much. I was proven to be quite wrong cuz I have a lot to write about and it’s all fun, new things. like, a tits only edge, an extremely creative punishment with interesting results, a very funny joke/prank I made and load of other stuff.he gave me a task to do some pain in public, i’ve edged before but haven’t hurt myself. he had me go into a public bathroom and do 40 rubber band snaps against my clit. it wasn’t as embarrassing as either of us hoped, I guess I’m kind of immune to the whole doing things in a bathroom thing. it did really hurt tho and I was walking around with a sore clit for a while. we did have a talk of taking things more public and all the ideas we had embarrassed me and turned me on.on this week’s journey of no touch edges I did one using just my tits. I started out letting my hands roam around my body, slowly touching and teasing, not exactly planning on trying for a tits only edge but I got really horny and felt like there was a possibility for one. I had to stop and ask for permission from a redditor to edge because of masters rule but I got that pretty quick. I went back to twisting and pulling and hurting and kinda groping my tits. I don’t think they’ve ever been that sensitive before. it was making my cunt ache to be touched. I wanted to touch or squeeze my legs together, I wanted any other stimulation. as I got close I pinched and twisted really fucking hard and it got me to the edge. the common theme of these “no touch edges” is my whole body getting really hot and my clit throbbing like crazy and this one was no exception. it also really made my tits sore but it was so worth it.here’s the start of the punishments/ tasks that were all sort of connected. beginning with 3 edges I did in a row that earned me a punishment, not because of the edging but because I refused to tell him how I did them at first. ok so I was in a really shitty mood and didn’t want to edge at all, but like I also really did want to edge at the same time. lol, it’s just kind of hard to start edging when I’m crying my eyes out. that did however make the edges more interesting. ruining my holes and edging while in tears was actually kind of cathartic.anywayssss, we do this thing called the traveling dildo, which is the dildo being taken on a trip to be used in all 3 of my holes and that’s how I did those 3 edges. I did an edge by just giving the dildo a blowjob. then another by pounding my cunt and the last, fucking my ass while standing (I almost fell to the floor from how shakey my legs were during this edge)because there were so many conflicting emotions happening while I was edging it felt like I was fighting against myself. I described it to him as though I was doing a cnc thing on my own. I wanted to edge but I also wanted to stop. when I was done, I felt so extremely used. I was exhausted, my holes were kind of sore from pounding at them but I was happy. it turned my brain off completely, I couldn’t hold onto a thought for more than a few seconds. I felt empty and it was perfect.now the punishment for refusing to give him an update on all that was one of the most creative punishments my master has come up with. god, he’s so great at this, I really am lucky. he decided we should try “water torture”. I had to soak a pair of panties in water, hang it on something and tie myself up underneath for 20 minutes so that the water drops hit my forehead.I should’ve just done that punishment but he said one little thing, that I definitely overanalyzed and it annoyed me and I got mad and told him I wasn’t gonna do the punishment. he was on a work call but I told him I didn’t give a fuck and still wasn’t gonna do it. I got another very mean punishment for this, but more on that later. for now, that was enough to get me to beg for forgiveness and do the punishment.I genuinely thought this would be a very boring and very obnoxious punishment, but it was anything but that. I ended up doing something that surprised both my master and I.I got the panties soaked in water and I laid underneath them. I had both my wrists tied to my ankles, which one, really limits my movement. and two, forces my legs apart, leaving my cunt exposed and omg, I fucking love how embarrassed that makes me feel. not being able to move and being forced to deal with drops of water repeatedly falling on my head was not boring, it made me feel trapped and horny….so fucking horny that I got to the edge just laying thereas I laid there, my imagination started to wander. I imagined my master with a couple of other sluts all watching me. he was making an example out of me, telling them that this is what happens to stupid whores that don’t do as they’re told. I imagined him allowing all the other girls to touch themselves and each other as they watched me and he simply sat back and enjoyed the show around him. I started begging to touch myself but I obviously couldn’t while I was tied up but I was bucking my hips and my clit was throbbing and I felt the air on my soaked cunt and all of it just pushed me to the edge. my cunt was so desperate to be touched after that, but I sort of calmed down. I just kinda laid there and fell into a daze, feeling dumb, empty and pathetic.now, the very cruel punishment for initially refusing to do the water punishment. he took everything away from me, literally everythingggggg for 2 days. No touching, no edging, no pain, no porn, no nsfw reddit. I mean he did still allow me to do my 10:23 edge because that one is really mandatory but besides that I got nothing.this punishment made me very aware of how often I touch/play with my tits. I mean they’re right there, how am I supposed to not touch them all the time. plus when I’m feeling a bit horny it’s nice to play with them a little and get myself hornier. this punishment was just straight up torture, I was so fucking horny and I wasn’t even doing anything 😭. it had me begging to watch porn, and I don’t even like porn that much. I kept getting these waves of intense horniness at completely random moments. it would literally stop me in my tracks, I would have to stop everything and take a couple minutes to calm myself down while trying very hard not to resist the urge to touch myself.the night before the last day of that punishment I was really begging for anything. I had just bought some clothespins and really wanted to do a long zipper. and i was really wanting to watch some porn soooo i begged him to allow me to watch some of the videos i recorded myself. he thought that was a great idea….but not while I was being punished. I was told that the first thing I would do after the punishment was over would be to do long zippers while watching my own “porn”.I don’t usually like rewatching my own stuff but I did this time. it was humiliating watching myself do filthy things on camera and the more embarrassed I got the hornier I got. the only problem was with the zipper. I set up 2 of them, with a total of 20 clothespins on my tits and down my stomach. these new clothespins really hurt way more than normal. even just having them in was a bit much. I was too scared to pull them off completely. I got the ones off my stomach but I wimped out of ripping them off my tits. I shall try again another time and hopefully not be such a baby.OMG i’m excited to write about this!!! it was fucking hilariousssss. I sent him a “dick pic” using my dildo as “my dick”. I held a ruler up to it and everything. lol I told him to come over and i’ll show him a good time 😂 he haaaad to have found it funny but he wouldn’t admit it. he was being all serious about it 🙄 he made me keep the dildo out on my desk and stare at it all day (cuz I wasn’t allowed to use it)uhmmm last night I got high, for the first time actually, and I kind of broke a bunch of rules. I have a max of 4 edges a day and I have to ask redditors for permission to edge for 3 of those anddd I was not allowed to be touching my clit. I kinda ignored all those rules last night and voice recorded like 11 minutes of edging myself 5 times. I was mostly begging and embarrassing myself in it. I offered to post it on reddit and ask people to punish me but he was against that for some reason (I just kinda wanted to embarrass myself by posting it)he punished me himself instead. For two days, and then for five more edges after that (so a max of 11 edges) my three during-the-day edges will be replaced by pain. so instead of asking redditors for permission to edge, you will ask for permission to hurt myself. I haven’t gotten to do this yet, I was busy today and I’m kinda scared to ask people for pain tasks. it’s easier to ask to be allowed to edge.I was given another punishment because I told him I didn’t feel like I was out in my place, (I still kind of don’t but whatever) I had to get on my knees, tie my wrists to my ankles and get my head in the floor. I stayed like that for 20 minutes repeating past mantras he’s given me. here’s some of the mantras I repeated: “you own me master”, “I belong to you”, “I will always trust your judgment sir”, “I want to make you proud master”, “I exist to serve cock”, “I am furniture”. I thought the position would be weird and uncomfortable but I liked it. it was sort of calming and I liked being down on the floor like that, it made me feel more submissive.I really enjoyed saying “you own me master” I just really like remembering that I’m an object he owns ☺️one last thing that I debated about putting in, because it’s creepy and obsessive but I want to remember it. I got into a weird headspace and wrote this long message for my master. “I very randomly found myself in a deep sort of sub space. I’m feeling dazed and extra appreciative of you and just generally more subservient. complimenting and praising you helps satisfy my almost instinctive need to submit. I know you found the whole “playing god” thing to be sort of dumb but in this moment I would love to do nothing more than to worship your entire being. I don’t just mean your physical being. I mean, your mind. your soul. your ideas. your mere presence. every fiber of your existence. I would worship the floor you walk on. I would be happy worshiping the space you embody. I would accept whatever you deem me worthy of. I’d take anything you’re gracious enough to offer me. you are deserving of more than I can offer you. no amount of praise I give you would be enough. you simply transcend the vernacular needed to even begin to do you justice. for that I apologize, you deserve to know how perfect and absolute you truly are.” yeah that’s word for word what I sent him. I know, weird and insane. he said he was used to it from me already 🥴 ughhh whatever, I profusely apologized for being weird and it’s just here for me to have as a memory.lol it’s time to thank my owner but I don’t think I can be more appreciative than what I already wrote in that previous paragraph but i’ll still thank him. I want to thank my owner for being there for a bunch of “firsts” from me. with the wrong person, I could regret doing some of the things i’ve done for him. but I got extremely lucky with him and I’m very happy that he gets to be there for so many of my first experiences doing things. I think I’m just thanking you for being a good person, but whatever. another thank you for putting so much effort into training me into being your good slut (that is occasionally bad, but I’m working on it 😅) I know I don’t make it easy sometimes so yeah thank you so very much for it. female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: http://www.amzn.to/1V6XQvv For women: https://ift.tt/1UWn54n

High and moaning so loud! God I want to cum

Smoking and looking at girls gooning on different subs had my needy clit throbbing against my panties. I tried so hard to resist the urge but I couldn’t. I gave in and my clit won again 🤤 I started rubbing it slow thru my panties feeling my pussy tighten with every stroke to my clit I did this until the last second when I was going to cum.. then immediately hands off! I repeated this 6 times so far, riding the edge each and every time 💦💦Now I’m sitting here in my juice soaked panties with my needy Pussy throbbing even harder than before.Gonna start again after I get done smoking and I can’t wait. My pussy is aching to be fucked and rubbed and teased until im a whimpering mess with my brain melting thru my tight little cunt! 💦Dms are open to female and male 😋 maybe you can control my needy cunt and give me tricks. female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: http://www.amzn.to/1V6XQvv For women: https://ift.tt/1UWn54n

“Date night” (a true story).

At midnight my house was quiet, and everyone was sleeping except for me when Sir came to me. He put my collar around my neck and told me to suck His cock. I love pleasuring His cock with my mouth and started slow using my tongue around His cockhead before taking Him in my mouth and working my way farther and farther down His shaft. Laying on the bed my right hand was supporting my weight while my left hand is playing with His balls. Time has its way of passing while I try to build His climax. I never succeed in my efforts. He`s got a stamina like no other I`ve ever met. He takes over for me after 20 minutes or, working His cock with His hands. The speed seems to be increasing to 90 miles pr hour, while I continue to stroke, tickle and play with His balls. As He gets closer to cumming I feel my arousal increase as well. My body responds to His, and I stick my tongue out licking the tip of His cockhead whenever His hand moves near His balls. And when He cums my mouth is back halfway down His shaft. I`m using my tongue while His cock pumps sperm in my mouth. His cum tastes on the salty side tonight, delicious as always, and I wonder what He had for dinner last night as I swallow and use my hand to pump every last drop of cum out of His cock. Sometimes when I`m done with the cleaning He tells me to keep His cock in my mouth until He is hard again and ready for more. It usually takes no more than 5-10 minutes. But He tells me to lay down on my back while He moves His head in between my thighs tonight. He`s in a playfull mood tonight kissing his way down slowly towards my pussy, first from the right, then left. Then He uses His tongue licking with long broad motions working His way closer and closer to my clit, I can feel Him almost touching, but only almost. And I`m already so close to cumming. He can hear my moans increasing in volume. It gets more filled with air as my breathing gets faster and harder, and He can hear when my mouth open up and I`m almost there. Then He slows down, and still with that soft tongue He`s teasing my clit, keeping me right there on the edge, playing my body to perfection. He ALWAYS knows when He has to stop. He takes me closer to the edge than I ever dare to do when I`m all alone. He never tips me over the edge. And He plays for so long that my mouth is drier than Sahara. I don`t know how much time that has passed, but I can feel my hands are tired from tensing all the muscles there when Sir lies down next to me. It takes minutes for me to get back the reality and open my eyes.I find Him with this grin on His face. He tells me to lube up my ass and to turn around so He can fuck my ass from behind while stil lying down. His cock glides in effortlessly meeting little resistance. Lying like this He slow-fucks me. I can feel every little movement He makes. He tells me to squeeze His cock, and I can feel how He responds each time. He lifts my leg up so He can get in deeper and increase His pace, but He gets impatient and tells me to get up on all four so He can fuck me from behind, and I get in position. His cock feels soooo goooood in my ass! At first its just good. He fuck me in a steady pace for a while, then He tells me to get my face down in the mattress and hands to the side, and I know its going to get rough now. In this position He hits my g-point more often than not and my thoughts og from «holy fuck this is goood» to blank. I can only feel Him as He`s fucking me fast, then a little bit slower. My mouth makes noises that rage from aah, mmmm, yes to nothing anyone can interpret to anything meaningfull. And I feel myself getting oh so close to that edge, i`m there. I can almost feel myself going over. And He stops dead stil and I can breathe. I didn`t know I was holding my breath.. He does the same thing two more times before He tells me to turn ower and lay on my back. He finds our triangular pillow and puts it under my ass so my ass is lifted up in the right angle. He starts fucking me again. It takes no time at all for Him to get me to the edge again and again. I can hear Him taunting me. «It`s so easy you know.. I could have you orgasming in under a second» He tells me. «to bad you can`t cum, it`s not good for you». «don`t you dare cum!». And my pussy is making these slurping noises. «there it is! Your lubing me up all on your own now!». He picks up my phone and takes a picture before He continues. «who of us is not allowed to cum, again?» He asks me. I need to consentrate really hard and He slows down so I can find the strength to answer Him. «that`s right! I think you could have cum four or more times now, to bad your not allowed».. He pulls His cocks out of my ass and I whimper. I`m told to get back on all fours again, and I know this is the final bit. He fucks me harder and harder. I can hear Him getting closer and closer. My body reads His the same way He reads mine, and I can feel myself getting close with Him. I can hear something like a primal roar come out of my mouth as I feel Him pulsating in my ass. Slow pace and a few extra thrusts before He stops. Then He gets this cutest little quiver in His body, like goosebumps. He tells me to squeeze and not let any of His sperm out of my ass. I`m going to sleep the rest of the night with peaces of Him deep in my belly and in my ass.You would think that Sir would be satisfied by now? But no.. He is insatiable. He is still hard. He is slowly jacking off one last time and tells me to lay my head on His belly and put my hand back on His balls one more time. This last orgasm for the night takes time but when He cums He pumps His cum all over my face. I scooped up the drops that missed my face and rub it in my skin, on my tits, down my belly and on my pussy. I`ll smell of Him when I wake up. I love it when He marks His toy.He leaves my bed, gets dressed and kiss me before He leaves my tired body. Turns the lights off for me. I can hear Him driving home as I drift away to sleep.​(I couldn`t put in the photo that belongs with this writing, but it is on my personal space here) female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: http://www.amzn.to/1V6XQvv For women: https://ift.tt/1UWn54n