Denial log: Day 11- Late and and oopsie 😬

Task: I will be a cocksleeve today. I will fill whichever hole I get from flipping a coin (heads for pussy and tails for ass). Then I will brush both nipples and my clit for 3 minutes each.1: I asked for an inspiration message from sir for this round so it is a little different from the rest. I will fill my ass and have 5 minutes of brushing each of sir’s naughty bits that I have.I filled my ass and automatically felt so much better. I wish I could have my holes full forever. As soon as I started brushing my nipples I was dripping down around my butt plug. Brushing my clit while full and imagining telling sir that he owns my pussy and ass and nipples and clit made me edge 3 times with just the brush. I love imagining sir teasing me while I’m being his cocksleeve 🥵 I sucked on my dildo after for a while but I didn’t time it. I imagined sucking sir dry to say thank you for him brushing my clitty and filling my holes.2: I got tails and used my plug on my hands and knees on the floor beside my bed. I still can’t get over how drippy I get with my ass and pussy exposed and in the air 😋 I imagined I was on my hands and knees like that while sir was sitting behind me watching and teasing me about how badly I wanted my pussy filled and my clit played with, but that they were his so only he got to decide whether that happened. Then I imagined sir told me that I wasn’t needy enough so he’d have to do something about that and so he started brushing my clit.3: Then I got heads so I pushed my dildo inside of me and felt it slowly stretch me. I was on the end of my bed and laying down on my back with my legs spread. I had to sit up a bit to keep the dildo in because my pussy was clenching so much while I brushed my nipples that it kept pushing out. I finally started brushing my clit and I edged two more times. It feels so good to edge with my pussy full 😊4: I did another round after an inspiration message from sir but I ended up accidentally ruining 😖 Sir allowed me to use the ruin as my alteration so I am not being punished, but I am not allowed any more tasks tonight and I will not be allowed to use ruins as my alteration in the future. I forgot to write my log right after so I don’t remember what I was thinking about really.I also got my COVID vaccine yesterday morning so sir gave me yesterday off and my arm is hurting pretty bad still so this is now day 2 of no touching. I’m getting really desperate to play with my clitty or pussy or anything at all, but I’m being good and I haven’t touched! Even though I fell asleep after telling sir I was uploading my log yesterday and forgot to until now 😳I will update with another Day 1 log when sir allows me to play with myself for him again. female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women:

5th day of Denial – this denial period started over the weekend with the need for my pussy to be full & stretched while running errands. I’ve been using my plug & dildo everyday & I think I can finally handle something bigger! I’ve been shopping while at work today 😛 edging nonstop until they arrive female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women:

Clit numbing/punishment suggestions

I’m relatively new to the female orgasm denial scene. Usually when I talk to or see my LD Dom he has me edge for him but eventually lets me have an orgasm. Last week he said he doesn’t want to focus on my clit or orgasms as he prefers me denied and focused on him. He wants me to really concentrate on the feelings of pleasing him with my throat and ass – we’re ao so I don’t need to worry about anything specifically in my vagina. We’ve discussed clit numbing but so far what I’ve tried didn’t numb me at all. I purchased the store brand of orajel and 4% lidocaine cream, and I felt like I used quite a lot of them. I think part of the problem is that there is a lot of sensation under my clitoral hood that I can’t quite reach with the creams. I’ve been thinking about getting a male desensitizing spray to see if that penetrates far enough. Any other thoughts?Clit punishment is also on the table, but that still allows me to focus on my clit which we’d rather not do. Plus we’ve tried tiger balm, ginger, ice, and icy hot (not all at the same time) and I came so insanely hard when he let me after edging with those on. Clit spankings and clothes pins are things we also already use, but overall I’m a pain slut and really love/hate those sensations.Thanks for any suggestions and recommendations you all might have. female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women:

Unexpected public play

Yesterday was intense.I had to work late into the evening, but had some periodic alone time. My domme messaged me all day and evening. She controlled when I went to the bathroom almost all day.Whenever I asked to go throughout the day, she would have me sit on the toilet and dribble into my panties before I was allowed to edge over my damp panties and then actually go to the bathroom. It was so hot, I had to bite my shirt a couple of times to not make any noises when other people were in the public bathroom! I did 10 hard edges throughout the day like this.Later in the evening, right before I had to leave work i had to pee really really bad and she had me wait till her break to go. She was a little late on her break and I was super desperate by the time she messaged me! As I was waiting for her to text me instructions I realized….I wasent going to make it.I have to dress nice for work, and my domme reminded me its because I have to be a pretty slut instead of a useful girl. That means I was wearing stupid dress slacks that have multiple clasps on the waistband. As I was getting the final clasp off I started peeing! Literally as I slid my pants off my butt I lost control and sat hard on the toilet and flooded my panties 🤣. I haven’t uncontrollably wet myself since elementary school!I asked her what I should do, and she gave me an option. I could throw them away…..or I could put them in my mouth and edge 5 times. I sat there for a few mins and thought to myself, am I really going to do this? Am I this much of a slut? Am I going to suck my own piss out of my panties in a public restroom where I just had an accident and rub my clit and not even cum just because someone told me to?Well…..I did. I stuffed my mouth with those piss panties, smelled and tasted my own pee and had 5 super hard edges that blew my mind. God not cumming has made me an absolute nasty whore…. female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women: