An orgasm denial miracle

Since Thursday, I’ve been Daddy’s obedient whore, pleasuring him as much as he wants, fucking him, sucking his dick, sending him sexy videos whiles he at work and stretching out my ass.When Daddy told me I couldn’t come until after new years I was so conflicted. I love when he tells me no but I was already so pent up. I knew it would be hard not to come for so long when every day was has been me living out my fantasy of being a good obedient slave.Sunday night was hard. Daddy fucked my face and came on my titties and then fucked me hard and came in my mouth. I was so horny I could barely sleep. I kept playing with my nipples and squeezing my breasts throughout the night. I had dreams my breasts were engorged with milk again and Daddy was sucking on them.Monday (day four) I had a lot of fun following Daddy’s orders while he was at work even though I was so turned on. I swear I turn into a dumb happy bimbo everytime I get to day four. I just had to keep squeezing and massaging my breasts, mostly because I thought if I even touched my pussy I’d risk coming. Then a wonderful surprise happened milk leaked out out of my nipple!!!It’s been four months since I’ve been able to pump anything! I went totally dry and it was actually really disappointing at the time that I stopped making milk.I squeezed my other boob and another fat drop of milk came out. I couldn’t believe it was really happening! I found my breast pump and actually pumped a small amount of milk. I’m so excited that I pumped two more times since then. I never thought I would get to lactate again!I feel like this is my special reward for being a good girl who doesn’t come. I’m so excited to be lactating again! What should I do with the milk? And should I just keep pumping?P.S. Daddy is going to let me come tomorrow female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women: