Story Inspired by a Picture: She didn’t follow Daddy’s directions and now? Punishment. Part 1

This Picture Inspired a Story​Daddy asked for things sometimes. She didn’t always understand them, but she tried to follow them. Well, USUALLY, she tried to follow them. Sometimes she just picked the easy route. Sometimes that was because she liked to be bratty. Sometimes it was just to test him. Other-times it was simply because he asked something that was just too difficult.This had been one of the “too difficult” times. She wondered now if he knew it was going to be too difficult when he asked? Perhaps he had know and had planned this all along. But now, she felt the leather straps bite into her body and she pleaded genuinely concerned, “please daddy, I know I can do it.””Oh sweetie,” he stroked her hair softly “I know you’ll be able to do it…you just have to be properly motivated.”When he had told her that she was going to cum on a new schedule, she had been excited of course. Anytime Daddy controlled things for her she really enjoy it. Even having the length of a skirt controlled turned her on to think about, let alone thinking about having him control her orgasms. “It will be hard sweetie, are you sure?” he had asked.”Yes, I’m sure…” but if she was honest with herself she wasn’t sure. But she was sure she wanted to try. Now she was just babbling nervously trying to figure out what she could say to soften this impending punishment. He hadn’t ever done anything like this before and now she struggled against the straps just to test.”Feeling like they’ll hold” he asked as he watched her wiggle.”Yes Daddy” she couldn’t help but shudder a bit involuntarily as the overwhelming feeling of being helpless washed over her.Then there was a click and an uneven mechanical sound came from the table next to her like a throbbing. She lifted her head to try and see for a moment but her glance ended up covered as his hands passed over her, holding a piece of duct tape. She reflexively turned away from it but he smoothed the piece of tape over her mouth regardless. Really, there was no way to escape but her body still tried.She could barely see when he moved what look like a piece of tubing past her face with something on the end that looked like a test tube. He fastened it to her nipple and suddenly the mechanical noise changed. She knew immediately that it was a pump of some sort as she could feel her nipple being firmly drawn into the tube and the suction tugging enough on her nipple to both stimulate her and make her wiggle against the restraints and to hurt just a bit. When he attached the other to her right nipple she could tell it was even more sensitive. For a second her mind wandered…What he had asked her really wasn’t fair. He had known that she liked to cum more when she was stressed and it was the last two weeks before finals. She had told him when he had come over to her single bedroom quad that she’d been horny all week hoping he’d come over and fuck her. “And have you been playing with my little pussy a lot this week because of it?”She had bit her lip while answering “yes daddy.” Apparently he’d had some guesses as to what that meant.”How many times a day on 3-4?” he had asked knowingly.”Yes daddy,” you had answered. Then you thought and added “more yesterday.””I see” he had answered. “Isn’t it hard to study if your getting off six or seven times a day?” “Exactly how many times was it?””It was seven daddy” you had answered looking away feeling the flush of shyness show itself on your face. “And yes, it was hard to study…””Well then, I think I should help you with this, don’t you think?” he had said with an evil knowing grin. He had begun making up the rules for you the moment you had agreed. It was as if he had already been thinking and it was just flowing out of his dominate mind right easily.1.) You won’t touch unless its apart of the instructions2.) We’ll set touching to 60 minutes a day to leave plenty of time for studying.3.) All orgasms by permission. If, while performing your instructions, you think you’ll cum, pause and count to 30 then start over when you left off.Those are the basic rules. Today, since I’m here, I’ll help you with 30 minutes of your teasing. Then you’ll set your random timer app up, and it will determine the rest for you.He went on to explain:The timer app will go of 3 more times today. Normally on a day when I’m not here it would go off 6 times. You have 60seconds from the moment it goes off to begin your touching. If your out with friends, you’ll need to find a restroom orsomeplace private. If your in a car with someone and they are driving then you must begin 60 seconds after you arrivewhere your going. After you play you aren’t allowed to clean up or wear panties for at least 30 minutes after. Do you understand.”Yes I understand” you had answered. You understood, but you didn’t know…you didn’t really understand what it would mean for you. Sometimes you went weeks without cumming and it wasn’t a big deal. Other days you just got so horny you needed more. Curious wasn’t the right word, but you wondered what it was going to do to you.Well, essentially it had broken you. You thought about that now has he placed the third suction tube over your clit and it began to pump. After the 5th or 6th pump you tried to scream through the tape; not because it hurt but because the feeling was already so intense that you instantly became desperate to cum and could tell that this device stimulated you in such a way that no such thing was going to happen.He brushed your hair back from you again and whispered softly to you, “now that your finals are over, I have you for a full week with no distractions…now” he paused “now we’ll get the chance to see just how sorry you’ll be.”End Part 1 female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women: