I failed so, trying again

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[F19] Ass plugged, pussy denied, and still exploring kinks!

I don’t think I’ll end up writing an update every single day once I get along a bit more in the next week or two, but figured I’d share what things I’ve explored so far and what I’ve found. I also get off to writing these posts, so why not ;)I was edging last night and got so close to cumming and considered finally giving myself that release, but then started thinking clearly again and made sure not to go over. I was writhing in desperation cause I wanted to cum so bad. I’m glad I was able to continue to be a good denied slut.So as promised, I finally plugged my ass again. It definitely feels so good to have that small plug resting inside of my little asshole. As usual when I get down on all fours in front of the mirror to insert the plug, my ass opens right up, ready to accept the plug. My ass sucked the plug right in and I couldn’t help but let out a small, nearly inaudible moan watching it slide inside my ass. I also felt a little humiliated since I was watching myself be an anal slut bent over stuffing my ass.I’m starting to explore the idea of being a bit more nude whenever in the privacy of my own room as well, so I’ve decided I’m not going to wear panties or a bra, and only a shirt or sweatshirt and some baggy pants at times I’m plugged. My hope is to work up the courage to eventually be bottomless whenever I’m plugged and in my own room. So far it’s such a tease being commando. The plug feels a bit more free to move around and my pants keep brushing against my denied pussy. Just writing this and thinking about it makes my cunt pulse a bit. Whenever I edge and drip/leak a bit, it’s soaking the pants and just a bit noticeable from the outside as well. I’m considering wearing these pants for the rest of the day, wet or not, to try exploring public play a bit. It also makes me feel like such a desperate slut sitting here in my juices.In the world of exploring bathroom control, I held in my pee for a few hours yesterday after drinking a decent amount of water. Once I felt the need to pee I was allowed to edge. Each time I edged I was so much more aware of how badly I wanted to go to the bathroom. It also made the edges feel a lot more powerful as well. I definitely want to explore more bathroom control in the future and what other ideas I can do revolving around it.Since I’m interested in exploring humiliation and degradation, I’m even interested in possibly holding in my pee until it’s so urgent that I piss myself. It sounds really hot to me, but I just don’t know how to execute it since then I’d have to clean up and not sure how I would without my roommate finding out or ruining my chair (we have separate rooms, but share a bathroom and common space).My goal is to try to spend at least six hours plugged today, give my ass a rest, and then replug and either sleep plugged or remove it just before bed.As always, I’d love to hear some more ideas/tasks/rules for me to complete throughout this denial and exploration journey! I read every comment and try my best to respond to everything that sounds doable and that I’d enjoy. More ideas especially to explore new kinks are welcome! Maybe some tasks to help explore bathroom control more? Maybe rules about how I should humiliate and degrade myself each day? And also, I love hearing new ideas revolving around keeping my ass plugged and pussy on edge but denied. If you have any idea at all, leave it in the comments!I hope you enjoyed the update! Talk to you all soon 😘Please, only comments. Messages and DMs, as always, will not be taken kindly and are usually ignored and blocked. It’s a sign of respect to follow this one.Edit: added a small section about things I’ve done! female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: http://www.amzn.to/1V6XQvv For women: https://ift.tt/1UWn54n