Denial, been into denial for years but this is my first post. How long do you guys think I should keep edging? This is after a couple hour only female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women:

Woke up sopping wet

Just woke up and i can’t believe how wet i am, 7 weeks into denial, and I’m a literal dripping mess. Just bringing my fingers near my clit make it start twitching. Like every nerve is a thousand time more sensitive. Fuck i want to cum so bad right now. female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women:

Pet [F] was sealed up for the night with a remote control vibrator in her ass so that Master could reward her for good behavior. Only edging though… even though she can Lux knows better than to cum with her ass without permission. female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women:

That new world of mine…

I’m going to try to explain how i live this T&D Kink, Orgasm denial.I wrote a bit about my locktober session in Chastity Here.And about my Medical condition in a reply, Here.Just to resume, i’m 35, Married, no kids, and i got a good libido.My husband a bit less, but he never say me no when i start to have my kinky smile, or be naughty. I can orgasm pretty fast, and multiple times with ease, i know my body, and my husband can read in me like a book also.Since few months we play T&D, we started with some edgings, but we were always ending our bedtime with orgasms. One day i spoke with a friend about chastity, and so on. I wanted to try it, and we bought some cheap belt, that was funny, but really not effective, i could put my hand under it easily and cheat to get some relief. (Shh its a secret ok)I wanted to push the thing a bit further, and i bought a 700€ belt, custom made… It comes quickly enought and i finally could try for real. And damn, this time, that wasnt a joke, i couldnt cheat.I could achieve an orgasm with something vibing strong enought, but i dont enjoy at all thoses things, i feel like thats forcing me to have something that i dont want, its hard to explain.So we started with few days, and that was nice, we had sex, no orgasms for me, back in the belt, rince and repeat till the end of the game, and then, my reward. Frustrating, but kinky and fun.From 3 days to 1 week, and from 1 week to 3 weeks.3 Weeks ! that was really really hard, but when came the end, i got that kind of orgasm, like if that was 3 or 5 of them at once. My husband had to hold me cause i could hurt myself…In that first time 3 weeks we were a bit lost on what to do to torture me or edge me. We tried a bit all, like some classics hours of buttplug, or him asking me to masturbate for him, but stoping before orgasm, or even hands tied to the bed and him licking me to the real edge and then petting my hairs till i’m ready to be edged again.One day he came with a malicious smile, and tied my hands, and got a makup brush and some massage oil, this, trust me, wasn’t fun at all…I think he finally found how to down me, and make me beg.One day i even almost cried, but he saw immediately that something was wrong, that was a good thing to understand how far i could handle it.We had a break and did a month with only fun.And came Locktober, that was just a good reason to bring back the game. So lets go for 3 weeks, and at the end of thoses 3 weeks, i got 8 surprise days more…​If you had a look in that other submit, i explained how bad i felt.My release day was fixed for the 31th october 00h00, but i got some luck, my periods came in the party. So i’m out now, but still forbiden to Orgasm before the date.Now i’m alone, with no belt, and my poor willpower, i can already see my malicious hand runing arround my legs, and that little devil on my shoulder whos tell me to do it “go for it, you want it, you need it”The fight is going to be hard till the last hour, and of course, if i cheat, he will know it right away, cause i wont have that desesperate look on my face, nor my hornyness.​And i have to be a good girl right ?By the way, if one have some tips to help, to keep the faith or motivation, or just want to exchange some experience, dont hesitate to contact me, or answer here.​Sorry for my english, not native​xxx​Edit: Its hard to remain desesperate and horny for a long time, but there is something, i’m still looking for it.Having orgasms is cool, but then, you feel complete, and lose a lot of desire and finally turn off. But remaining denied keep all that desire, i don’t know yet how much in quantity and for how long i can handle it, looks like 3 weeks are enought for me, then i start to have real attitude changes. Flams in my eyes, wearing things a bit too sexy or many other littles things that you dont notice, keeping your mouth half open, having half loud exhales that escape unvoluntary or even biting your lip. Even worse, you start to have blanks, and leave the real world for your inner one, yeah this one, where your fantasying about whats the next naughty thing that he will find for you.For me, that the last point who is the hardest to live all along, its complicated to work, and remain focused on tasks.For now, i dont know if i will push for more, keep playing this, or slow down. female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women: