weekly report for my master (day 162 into my new life of being denied ☺️)

hello, hello, this report was almost late but I managed to finish it before the day was up and avoid a punishment. anyway I hope you enjoy ☺️here are all my previous reports . (feel free to comment but if you wanna message me personally please ask my master u/Separate-Amoeba first)you know, the introduction is usually the last thing I write, it’s just so hard 🙃 I should stop complaining about it and just do it. the easiest introduction is offering a sneak peak into my report so that’s what I shall do. lots of fun edges (of course) that were more focused on fucking myself. we played a fun game. I was actually a bad slut and did something past just bratting (it was kind of an accident) and more.I wanted to start with a game we played but this is needed for context. master decided he going to take away my big dildo… just because he can 🙄 he introduced this idea last saturday but took it away on tuesday. he’s gonna use it as a little reward for now until he decides to do it with a different toy. I did earn it back for one edge after sending master a video showing him a new chest harness I tied. I used it to DP myself ☺️now i’ll talk about the game that master had me and his other sub u/avocadosdimension play. we played 20 questions (except I got 30 questions instead, kinda unfair for her but it helped me) If I guessed in less than 10 questions he would’ve bumped me up to 4 edges per day. in 10-20 questions he would have given me an extra day with the big dildo. in 20-30 questions he would give me a basic pain punishment and if I didn’t guess it at all he’d be angry and have her punish me and send a recording as thanks (I didn’t care about possibly sending her an audio, she can have all of mine if she wants, I just didn’t want master to be upset 😅)before we even started the game I asked master a question that he didn’t answer sooo I decided to be an annoying bitch about it and told him that I’d lose the game on purpose so that she’d win and he’d sorta lose as well. he got me under control by simply calling me by my actual name which really throws me for a loop since he exclusively calls me slut or whore. it also reminds me that he knows some personal information about me while I know like nothing and that power difference really turns me on and kind of…. embarrasses me? idk, but I like it.anyway he wasn’t gonna let that little stunt I tried to pull slide without punishment. I had to tie a body harness then tie it to something in my room and stay there with my motion very limited and with my phone out of reach until I learned my lesson and then for 10 more minutes after that. the punishment kind of put me on edge and made me anxious buuuut I still wanted to play the game so we didshe chose robin from the dc comics and let me tell you it was damn near impossible for me to get there. it took me 10 questions to even figure out it was a book character and then 10 more to figure out it was a comic book character 🙃 I’m just stupid, I guess. in my defense, my head wasn’t very clear and I was also trying to guess the actual answer with not enough information so that I’d get a reward.after the first 19 questions I was really stressed from the game and the punishment before so I started to brat and told master that I hated him and he should go ahead and try to put me in my place. he paused the game and first, helped calm me down then gave me 2 punishments.I was supposed to walk around the block with a dildo in my ass but it was raining so he just had me walk around my room and then edge (he gave me another punishment to make up for this, i’ll talk about it later) then after I did that punishment I assumed that he was disappointed in me and I told him that and as punishment for that I had to get my nipple clamps, chain them to a door knob, lean back, and repeat: “I will not try to guess how my master is feeling.” I liked that punishment. the pain helped clear my head and we were good to go back to the game.now back to the game. I narrowed it down to a DC hero but there’s soooo many. I had all the heros in front of me and was crossing them out but didn’t have it narrowed down to one. we got to question 30 and I was 100% sure I was gonna lose, I lost all hope, I literally apologized to sir before I put in my final guess. so with my final question I asked if it was robin and I was absolutely dumbfounded when they said I guessed correctly. she thinks he cheated and helped me but he honestly didn’t. I just got there reallyyyy slowly and got lucky at the end. my basic pain punishment was to have clothespins on my labia, that’s all. it hurt but I liked it. I was just really happy that I had won.alright that wraps up the game so let me move onto a fun edge I did.I was told a while ago to try spitroasting myself and I finally did it and I’m really glad that I did. it makes you feel trapped but in the best way possible. like, why wouldn’t I wanna be stuck deciding between a dildo buried in my ass or shoved down my throat. I did struggle a bit on purpose to make it feel like I was being used. I tried to “get away” but was only forced deeper on either side. it was so much fun, there’s a nice rhythm to it that makes it sort of addicting and makes me feel like I could do it forever. even when I did stop I was left feeling happy and used and kind of in a daze.master gave me a task that also ensured that my holes were filled. I had to actively fuck all 3 of my holes he wanted each of my holes to be “providing a five star experience at the same time.” I didn’t have 3 dildos at the time of this edge sooo he made me use a cucumber. he thought I’d have difficulty keeping all 3 in motion but it wasn’t that hard. I stuck the dildos to the floor and rode them and held the cucumber. the only difficult part was keeping my hand up holding the cucumber cuz I really wanted to focus more on my holes being filled and stretched. it worked similarly to the spitroasting. I moved up and took the cucumber deeper and went down and took the dildos deeper over and over until my brain turned to mush.that was one of my favorite tasks so far. I was exhausted after it but in the best possible way. I was dumb and satisfied and more used up than i’ve been in a while.he really put me to work with this edge and I wasn’t even finished. he told me I could fuck my self with the cucumber and then eat it. I put it in my cunt while I was writing him an update. then uhmm I ate it. ughhhh it’s really fucking embarrassing to write about right now but I liked it. I did taste myself on it, it was subtle but it was there. it was really degrading and made me feel like a filthy whore.here’s the other punishment for not being able to complete the one during the game andddd for not studying over the weekend for my tests on monday when he told me to 🙄 I had to stand with my legs spread and do 10 smacks for the game punishment and then 10 more for not studying for 2 tests. I had to repeat “I will make good habits” for the last 20. that was all fine and dandy but then I refused to tell him if I liked it sooo I had to do 30 more. that’s a total of 60 cunt smacks with a leather belt. it was fucking great, he obviously knew I liked it but he wanted me to admit it.I did another edge by just sucking on my dildo ☺️ I didn’t plan on it. I just wanted to humiliate myself by sticking the dildo to a mirror and watching myself suck on it. I highly recommend trying that, it really was humiliating. watching my lips wrap around the dildo and seeing myself drool and gag made me really feel like a slut.this time the edge was different than the last time I did it. it lasted longer and gave me a lot of contradictory feelings. most notably, it felt like I was cooling down while I was still at the edge. I think that happened because I actually kept sucking through the edge. that was actually kinda hard to do because I kept moving and humping the air and I almost touched myself and had to stop it and it was just a lot happening at once. I could’ve just stopped sucking but I really felt like I needed to keep sucking. it just felt too good and I needed my mouth filled and I knew if I stopped the edge would end and I didn’t want it to end.after one of my anal only edges I told master that it was wasteful of him to train me to edge with just anal but not allow me to have an anal orgasm. he came back at me and said it would be wasteful if he let me cum, if I cum I’d be wasting energy that he could use to teach me new things and that good sluts don’t cum and he wouldn’t train a bad slut.let me just say, WOW, all that really messed with my head orrrr should I say my cunt, cuz I definitely wasn’t thinking with my brain when I did this next thing. I only had 1 edge left and it was to be used for my 10:23 edge, it was almost time for me to do it too but I was so fucking horny after all that and I couldn’t resist not touching. then I was stuck, I couldn’t stop touching. there was a little voice in the back of my mind that told me to stop because I didn’t wanna be bad and disappoint my owner by stealing an edge but I was too horny, too far gone to care in the moment. I was a greedy slut and stole an edge 😔 funnily enough even in that state I didn’t even think about cumming, I just really wanted another edge.I was obviously punished for that. I lost 2 of my edges for thursday and 1 of my friday edges (I only have 3 a day) and I had to put a clamp on my clit and on my tit and tighten 3 times and keep it for 15 minutes. I can’t even say taking away my edges was mean, it was completely fair. it really wasn’t worth it, I still feel kinda bad about it 😔moving on to better things, I bought another toy today!!! it’s another 8 inch dildo. I didn’t really even spend much time looking at the other toys, I knew I wanted another dildo because I really love fucking my holes. master said I can have my purple one back on monday and i’ll do an airtight edge with all my holes properly filled ☺️that brings this report to a wrap. we had a lot of fun this week and I appreciate the effort master puts into this to keep it fun and interesting. and I’d like to once again thank him for teaching me the pleasure of filling my holes, it really has become one of my favorite things to do. I thanked him randomly this week like I usually do and i’ve found that it turns me on to thank him. I just really like giving him all the credit he deserves and more female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: http://www.amzn.to/1V6XQvv For women: https://ift.tt/1UWn54n

36F – 4th night of denial: I’ve been wearing my sensi pussy plug the past 2 days and last night! I’m feeling sore & used from being constantly stretched. Tonight I’m abusing my pussy even more with my dildo. Being a good girl and riding the edge but not cumming.

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