Having fun with a little game of dice

I like to edge my self and deny my orgasm. But since i play solo it tends to get stale sometimes. I usually go for some time, but then i cant decide when to have that final amazing orgasm that makes it all worth it.So i’ve come up with a little game to take away my choice in when i have earned my orgasm.I start by throwing one dice and count the eyes.The number of eyes tells me how many times i have to edge myself before i get to roll again.I then roll again with the aim of underscoring the first number, to earn my orgasm. The twist is, that now i have to add one dice, which makes it unlikely for me to get my release.The eyes again determine the number of edges i have to do to get another chance to roll again to underscore the new number. And so on….In the beginning the chance to get release is very low, but grows with the number of dice, aproaching 50%.I’m currently trying it and its fun so far. I just rolled 25 with 6 dice.I like the fact, that you dont know what roll of the dice you really want. If you get a low roll you get to try again soon, but your chances of release are low. And if you roll a high number your chances of release are better, but it a long road to get there.Another thing i thought about are punishments for accidental ruined orgasms. Like having to add two instead of one dice, starting the current edge count again at zero, having to wait the number of eyes in hours befor being allowed to roll again and/or spending that time in my chastity cage, …… though that could get quite a long game quickly, if i’m not carefull Get your own Tease and Denial toys: amzn.to/1V6XQvv