Gave myself the best most frustrating ruined orgasm today!

Hadn’t cum in a full week and I was playing around this morning on day 8 as a reward. Mostly teasing/edging. But so very sensitive. After a week without orgasm it really feels amazing jerking off and especially just teasing and edging. I highly recommend it…if you can hold off. lolNow usually when I ruin my orgasms I’d go way too far and mostly orgasm but today I finally did it right! It really is about the point of no return. Normally I’d go way past that but after enough times of stopping there staying on the edge I felt that feeling that I had to pee so bad.Stayed feeling like that for a few seconds and sure enough cum started to ooze. So I started spurting my cock as fast as I could oozing more cum with each spurt. (I try to shoot but I still haven’t mastered this I mostly ooze.) Even after the cum stopped oozing I just kept spurting my cock still feeling that wonderful frustrating feeling! Even like a minute after my cock stopped trying to make itself spurt I oozed another good bead of cum.After it was all done my cock was still standing fully hard wanting to cum but I cleaned up and got ready for work. lolI know this isn’t the normal content here but I just had to share. Can’t wait until another week when I ruin my next!!! Thanks for reading. ruined orgasms Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women: