Denial Game – Interactive denial with the Reddit community

Hey everyone, hope you’re all finding your release… Or not.Recently, with some like-minded redditors, I put together a private board to play games involving denial. We are a new board and still figuring things out, but it adds some extra fun to your denial play.Right now we are playing one game, based on a daily coin toss. It’s simple, you call heads or tails, then you get a coin toss that everyone can see and comment on the results. Guess right, and you get to keep your freedom of cumming. Obviously this leads itself to some playful comments, and can be extra grueling at times when you know you are the one without that day.Other users are interested in a more strenuous game than a 50% chance a day, and we’re looking to accommodate. Also, different games may be played in the future.Anyway, if you are interested in playing with us at /r/DenialGames, send me a PM and I will get you access. Of course, this board is 18+ Get your own Tease and Denial toys: For men: For women: