Question: Define “ruined orgasm”

I’m just curious how those more knowledgeable about “ruined orgasms” would define that term. Is it simply an orgasm with no physical stimulation as it is occurring? Reason I’m curious is my girlfriend cuckolds me and has been controlling my orgasms carefully. When I am allowed to cum she wants it to be “ruined.” But it seems like not all ruined orgasms are created equally.I thought it was only ruined if it like just dribbled/spilled out of the tip do to lack of stimulation to create the typical spurting. However, in a lot of the “ruined orgasms” vids I see, the guy spurts, there’s a good amount of physical stimulation leading up to orgasm, but the physical stimulation stops during the spurting. Is that all there is to it?I’ve experienced both so far with my gf and we are both wondering what is a true ruined one? Also, while at first it seemed like just “stopping” the stimulation (be it hand job or whatever) once the orgasm is reached was “no big deal” to me in that it still felt like a pretty fucking good orgasm, as we do it more it seems like it’s becoming more and more tortuous. Sorry to be so philosophical! Any thoughts or advice to her is appreciated! ruined orgasms Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women: