Yesterday night with the wife: “Maybe you could edge me once before bed?”

I had a great experience last night that I thought I would share. My wife (25F) and I (25M) love exploring each other’s kinks, and she has been indulging my tease and denial / chastity kink quite a bit recently.Yesterday I came home from work and my wife immediately reminded me that my cock should be locked up in my chastity device. It’s my responsibility to sweep the floors on Thursdays, and ever since I forgot to do that about a month ago, I’ve had to lock myself up as soon as I get home on Thursdays and give her the key. Sometimes she lets me out after sweeping the floors, sometimes I have to do some other things to gain her permission, but I love being controlled like this on such a regular basis, and it gives her a great opportunity to use and abuse me. So, I happily ran upstairs and lock myself up, returning to her so she could check the lock and take the key.After supper, I swept the floors and sat down on the couch beside her. After a little negotiating, she decided that I’d be allowed out of chastity after giving her a foot massage immediately before she goes to sleep, meaning I’d be spending the rest of the night locked up and that sex is off the table. At this point, I had gone a solid week without an orgasm, since I’m refraining from masturbating for a while and we hadn’t had much spare time for naughtiness recently due to some schedule changes. So, I was pretty horny, but still more than happy to do what she asked. I sat next to her for a while and watched TV as she laid down on the couch with her feet in my lap.Now, if you aren’t into feet in the way that I am, this part might not interest you. But for myself, I love to worship and adore her feet. Rubbing, massaging, licking, sucking, and even sniffing, the smellier the better. Something about submitting myself completely to the point of discomfort or humiliation for her pleasure or enjoyment just does it for me, and she knows it. That night her feet were sweatier than usual, due to her having a work shift earlier in the morning and the warm summer days, and I was already loving being so close to the smell. Then, while watching TV, she said “My feet are so hot and sweaty, could you maybe cool them down for me please?”. This is an invitation to a little game we play, where I lick the bottoms of her feet and then softly blow on them to make them feel cool. Don’t ask me how it started, probably something to do with the trick I read on here about putting wet kisses all the way down your partner’s spine and then softly blowing up it to give them chills and it progressed to here, but she enjoys it and I love having an excuse to lick her feet, so I immediately obeyed. I licked up and down her sweaty, salty arches, loving the smell and the taste as well as the squirming and giggling that it caused her. My cock grew hard in its cage as I sniffed and licked, sliding between each toe with my tongue and trying my best to do a good job, and I was sore and cramped before long.Finally it was nearing bedtime, and my wife told me that she wanted me lying on the bed naked and on my chest in two minutes. I made my way to the bedroom and stripped, lying down in the middle of the bed with my caged cock being pressed down between my thighs. As I expected, she came into the bedroom and retrieved her riding crop (a sparkly number we picked up from an equestrian store operated by a woman who seemed to know exactly what we were buying it for…). My wife has been practicing with the crop on my ass recently under the guise of “trying to improve her aim”. I’m not sure if that’s her excuse or her intention, but I’m happy to play along either way. She started with quick, short, soft slaps all along my ass cheeks in a circular motion, getting them slowly warmed up, before moving on to slower and harder slaps. I absolutely love when she does this, it completely changes how the spanking feels and makes it extremely pleasurable for me. Once again my cock was crushing itself inside of my cage, and probably leaking some precum as she worked my ass over from a light pink to a bright red, getting the occasional moan out of me.Once she was satisfied, she kissed my back and grabbed her lotion from her bedside table. She smoothed it onto my stinging bum cheeks and lightly massaged it in to cool them down, which was an extremely kind and tender moment that was new for us. Finally, she said she was ready for her foot massage, so I got up and grabbed the lotion from her. I gave her my usual foot massage, which I still have no idea how to do properly, but after lots of practice and experimentation I think I’ve gotten alright at it. Once my end of the bargain was held up and she was completely satisfied, she told me she was ready to unlock me.I laid down in bed next to her and waited as she retrieved the key to my chastity device. She slowly slid the key into the lock, then paused to examine my straining penis trapped inside the tube. Obviously amused, she slid the tip of her finger into the hole at the end of the device, barely rubbing the tip of my penis. Being extremely sensitive and extremely horny, my cock immediately spurted a glob of precum which caught her by surprise. She giggled a bit as it ran down the side of my chastity cage and continued to toy with the slit of the tube before finally taking mercy on me and twisting the key, opening the lock and slipping the parts of the cage off for me to put aside. “There you go, you’re free!” She told me, acting as if she didn’t notice my raging erection and desperation as she settled in to go to sleep.Now, this next part could have been a mistake on my part, but I wasn’t thinking too clearly at the time and really wanted some stimulation to my poor ignored penis. So, I asked her “Well, maybe you could edge me once before bed, just for fun?”Her eyes seemed to light up and she agreed, telling me to grab some lube. She covered my cock and balls in (unscented!) baby oil and began to stroke, gliding one hand up and down my shaft as the other rubbed and caressed my balls. I was in heaven, absolutely enthralled by the sudden burst of pleasure after so much build up and arousal. She stroked and rubbed and squeezed as I panted and moaned, loving every second of this, but knowing that I was getting closer to the edge, and that the fun wouldn’t last much longer. Finally, as I neared the brink, I moaned out “I’m going to cum…”, only to have her immediately remove her hands and leave my cock throbbing in thin air. I knew it was coming, but that didn’t change the fact that I wanted more so badly. I thrust my hips and groaned in frustration, asking her as nicely as I could “Please don’t stop yet, just keep going?””Aww, do you want more? Just one edge, that’s what you told me.” she taunted, knowing I would never be satisfied with this.”I know, but, I changed my mind. I want more now, and…” At this point, I was interrupted by a sudden slap to my balls, followed by a string of nearly a dozen more. Light, fast, and unexpected, she slapped away merrily as I groaned and squirmed, more in surprise than in pain. Light ball-busting has been a recent development for us, but I love letting her play with my most delicate parts, and she loves having the power to control me so easily. That’s what I think anyways, all I know is that I love having them played with, and she is in a state of constant joy while playing with them, and that’s enough for me.Then, just as quickly as the slaps began, they stopped, and her hand was back around my cock, stroking it steadily as if it had never left. I immediately went from “squeeze and squirm to avoid her hand” mode to “thrust my cock forward and try to fuck her hand” mode. Of course, this left my balls wide open once again, so she immediately went back to slapping them instead of stroking me. This back and forth really threw me for a loop, and I wasn’t sure whether to beg for mercy or beg for more. She continued this pattern relentlessly, stroking my cock in the most delicious ways until I had all but forgotten about her ball-busting cruelty and reached the edge of orgasm, then falling back into her relentless-bitch persona and slapping away at the poor, confused, swollen orbs between my legs. The extent of my vocabulary alternated between “Please no more, I give up” and “Please don’t stop, let me cum!”, and I honestly didn’t know which one I wanted more. She must have edged me somewhere between twelve and twenty times, which is an astronomical number under those circumstances. What made it even better was that I didn’t even say a word after the first edge to let her know when I was getting close, she seemed to sense it from my body’s reactions or breathing or something, which she has never done before. It was intense, and excruciating, and an absolutely amazing experience.Finally, at some seemingly random point which she deemed appropriate, she actually listened to one of my pleas. I was lucky enough for her to grant my “Please don’t stop, let me cum!” wish. As she neared yet another edge which I was sure would be followed shortly by slaps, she instead decided to just keep stroking, and stroking, and stroking. I was overjoyed, and after the initial fear of her ruining my orgasm passed (another habit she seems to have a hard time breaking) I had the most amazing orgasm in recent memory. I spurted cum all over my chest, completely covered it, it was mind-blowing. Her hand continued to milk me until I was completely empty, and then, with my cock still twitching and my eyes still rolling into the back of my head, she swept her hand across my chest and shoved her cum-soaked fingers into my mouth. A huge glob of my own cum slid down my tongue before I even knew what was going on, and if I wasn’t in the middle of an orgasm I might have had another one spontaneously when I realized what she had just done. I slurped what I could off of her fingers as she withdrew her hand, leaving me completely spent, battered, and used, exactly how I love it.After catching my breath, cleaning up a bit, and making it clear to her how much I enjoyed what just happened, she told me how much she enjoyed it as well. “Actually, I’m pretty hot and bothered over here myself.” she told me. I didn’t think twice before getting to work on her.Hopefully someone else enjoys reading this, it was fun to retell and I’m sure I’ll be thinking back to it frequently. If you’re reading this, love you Miss! Get your own Tease and Denial toys: For men: For women: