Another little game

So, after reading some forums and collecting ideas I’ve come up with a little game. It depends both on luck and on the own ability to control yourself. It was primarily designed for males, but I’m sure the ladies can easily adjust it for their needs.Now, first, you need a random number between 100 and 1000 ( is the simplest way). This is the amount of strokes you have to do before you can cum. But not so fast! You also need the app Random Timer (or similar) where you can set a random timer (who could believe this!) between 1 and 10 minutes.Now, after you start the timer, you have to do at least the required amount of strokes (100 – 1000) before the timer goes of. If the time is up and you still have strokes to do, stop immediately and continue the next day with the remaining amount of strokes. Example: you have managed only 150 of 500 strokes, so the next day you have to do at least 350 strokes.If, on the other hand, you’ve come before the time is up and without completing the required amount of strokes, you have to wait the difference in hours before you can continue. Example: you came after 150 of required 500 strokes – that’s 350 hours of wait time before you can try again.Another option: you did the required amount of strokes, but the time is not up. You have to continue till the time is up and count the strokes (starting at 0) you did in the remaining time. Then you are allowed to cum and have to wait the according amount of hours till the next session with a new number of strokes. If you cum after the required amount of strokes but before the time is up, the amount of hours is tripled. Example: you managed your 500 strokes but did another 150 till the time was up – that’s 150 hours till your next session. If you’ve cum before the time was up, that makes 450 hours.You can decide what you do during your pause-time – either put yourself in chastity, or tease yourself daily (without stroking) or or or… It’s all up to you. Of course you can also alter the proposed numbers for your needs. Get your own Tease and Denial toys: For men: For women: