i’ll never think of apples in the same light again

i was given a task to complete on friday last week. it was a simple one. i was to buy an apple from the grocery store. the prettiest apple in the bunch. i didn’t make it to the store until sunday afternoon, but i did as i was told and got the prettiest apple.i had no clue why i was going to buy this apple, but i was instructed to report back with a description of the apple and why i selected that single one. so i did. but i still did not know what the apple was for. it wasn’t until monday morning when i woke up straining in my chastity cage as its contents were trying to perform a dillinger-esque escape attempt. i woke up to a message, rather lengthy and descript about what i was to do with that apple. i was sure after i read my instructions that the metal bars on the cage would eventually give and set me free, but they were relentless in holding me back.i left the house to provide a distraction for a bit, as i was not allowed to complete the task until after 4pm, but i now knew what it was and i couldn’t get my mind off of it. i returned home after 4 pm, but i had chills running down my spine and my heart was beating ever so quickly just thinking about it that i decided i needed to rest a little and calm myself down. i relaxed, laid back on the couch and spaced out for a bit.i decided at a certain point i was ready. i needed to get this task done. i was instructed to cut the apple, which i took so much time picking out, into small thumbnail size pieces and place them in a bowl. then i needed to place the bowl on the floor in the middle of the kitchen. the next instruction was to put in a plug. the next instruction was to get on hands and knees and eat the apple from the bowl, i was feeling so humbled at this point that i actually crawled from my room back to the kitchen to return to the bowl.i think you know what comes next.i have been locked in chastity for 15 days now, enough to accept my predicament, but the prisoner is still sad because he is constantly dripping tears throughout the day. in denial about the imprisonment. as i was eating this apple out of the bowl, mind you hands were not allowed, my mind was racing a million miles an hour. i didn’t know whether to concentrate on how my back arched every time i would move to bury my face into a bowl of the sweetest apple i’ve ever taken and the plug hitting my spot, or if i was finally distracted, be it briefly, from the cage with it’s escape proof bars. but i ate this apple, and ate, and ate, and ate, but it never seemed to end. the pleasure started to become torture because the brief distraction from the cage turned into an ally of the cage in the torments of absolute denial. i finished my last bite and looked down. the biggest tear i’ve seen during this lockup was there, glistening in the light and hanging down. i decided i needed dessert, so i swallowed my tear. i will never look at apples the same.tl;dr – locked in chastity given task to put in butt plug and eat bite size pieces of apples out of a bowl on the floor like a dog Get your own Tease and Denial toys: For men: http://www.amzn.to/1V6XQvv For women: http://ift.tt/1UWn54n