Big Collection of Chastity Captions

Hey all,I have uploaded my collection here. It is in the form of imgur galleries. If you want to download the gallery, just add /zip behind the imgur url and it will download all images for you.The first set are individual captions, then the second set are multiple-caption stories. These were uploaded in alphabetical order so theres little structure. Teasers Friends Friends on Vacation Bikini Court Her Best Friend from your ex a week like her other boyfriends Nurse Springs Website Distance student the orange girlfriend Cyberlok Date help 1 2 it slow girl lockup or dare Gambling all men are in chastity Game I never saved the sources since this was just for personal use, but if you really must know where a particular image comes from ask me and I might remember from its style. Sometimes it looks like things got out of order in the uploading process. Let me know if you see something that doesn’t seem to be in order and I’ll fix it. keyholder captions Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women: