Couples Game: Red Light Green Light

Adapt an old game into an adult tease fest. She is trying to go from point A to point B and arrive (orgasm) on time.The rules are simple:When She says, “Green Light,” he must start pleasuring Her.When She says, “Yellow Light,” he must speed up the pace.When She says, “Red Light,” he must immediately stop.She can give the command in any order.If he doesn’t follow the rules of the road She should “beep” at him to encourage him or “crash” if She feels he is inattentive and needs a stronger reminderExamples of “beeping” include ticking, applying ice or clamps, etc.Examples of “crashing” include nipple twisting, ball slapping, tugging on clamps or pulling them off, etc.Not Rules – Just IdeasFor best results he should be tired down with her hovering over his face.She can distract him by pleasuring him, listen to music, asking questions, etc.If She wants add physical exertion, She should hover over his face so he has to try to reach Her.Saying “Red Fight”, out something similar and stopping his simulation should trick him into stopping prematurely. This is likely to earn him a beep or crash. Get your own Tease and Denial toys: For men: For women: