Give my wife some ideas

Hi there,well, i’ve set myself a challenge with denying myself. I’m currently in for about three weeks and am aiming for new years eve to end it.To raise the stakes, i’m playing Cock Hero every evening. And if i’m lucky and my wife is in the mood she will play with me, edging the hell out of me. So you can see, i feel pretty horny by now.Since new years eve is gonna be the day (hopefully), my wife and i have the whole day off to do nothing else but please ourselves. Or torment. Or whatever^Would anyone of you be so nice to give my wife some … ideas … about what to do with me all the time? I would enjoy that element of randomness. I will give her the link to this post and promise i won’t read any of this until it’s over ;-)Thank you very much!Oh and by the way i will report afterwards. Get your own Tease and Denial toys: For men: For women:

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