The Underwear Challenge

Hello there I seen this underwear colour challenge posted on another sub In a slightly different form, I decided to change it slightly and give it a go.Note: everyone is welcome to respond to this post, men, women, trans etc. The more the merrier.Please let me know the colour of style of underwear you are wearing and I will carry out the relevant task. There are some rules I’ve placed on myself: 1. I cannot orgasm until I’ve completed all colours on the list. 2. You can have as much or as little interaction with how I carry out each task as you wish.If you are so inclined, I’d love to see a reference image of the underwear style you are wearing. This by no means has to be a picture of yourself in the underwear. But a picture of the style of underwear would be great.Just incase my limits are as follows: Limits: gore, animals, scat, vore, watersports, underage, rape.If I have missed any styles you would like included or changes to instructions, feel free to message me.The list of styles is below, pick one and pm me, let’s have some fun.Light Colour: Add 3 edges Dark Colour: Add 3 edgesStriped: 30 strokes per colour, 1 min teasing per colour, 30 second break, 50 strokes, repeat until 4 edges are reached.Polka dots: for each colour of dot and main colour, do each task below for the respective colour.Red: 60 strokes, 4 min of light teasing, 20 strokes, repeat until 2 edges reachedPurple: 5 min teasing, 30 strokes, repeat until 2 edges reachedBlue: 3 min of teasing, 80 strokes 3 min of teasing, repeat until 3 edges reached.Green: 50 strokes, 1 min break, 30 strokes, repeat until 3 edges.Yellow: 20 strokes, 30 seconds break, 50 strokes, repeat until 4 edges.Orange: 2 min to reach the edge, if failed to edge: post this in another subreddit and perform all requests from there before orgasm is permitted.No Underwear: 100 strokes, 2 min break, 20 slaps, repeat until 4 edges have been reached.Wearing something but it’s round your ankles: 2 min teasing, 70 strokes, 2 min teasing, repeat until 4 edges reached.White: 20 Strokes Black: 20 Strokes Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women: