How to reduce pain in [m]ale edging

I have a little experience with edging, having two primary incidences that stick out. Skip ahead to the question section if you don’t want the background.My first experience edging was when I tried a 30 day nofap. I decided to edge for the last week, thinking it would make my orgasm even more powerful. It hurt like balls, and I had to use ice packs to make them hurt less. But rather than having a great orgasm, instead, on day 4/7, I decided to have a two hour+ long edging session with lots of my favorite porn that I had been denying myself. That was a huge mistake, and I ruined my orgasm, and on top of that my orgasms from the next 2-3 days were very painful, my balls hurting like hell.The second time that stands out is when I had my first kiss (this is after the nofap attempt). We made out for 60ish minutes, a large part with me thrashing my tongue in her mouth and getting myself turned on (which I now know is bad form). I let her take a nap instead of getting to the next base, so I had a very serious case of blue balls. I hadn’t even been edging but when I came home it hurt to cum the next two times after masturbating.The third time is right now, actually, where I’ve been edging for the past ten days or so, and my balls hurt whenever I walk for more than a few hours.*** Question section ***So my question is, how do other guys make their balls hurt less during edging/orgasm control sessions? Does the aching pain and enlarged balls only happen to me? I’ve eased the aching after edging sessions with ice packs previously, but cumming still hurt like hell and made my balls feel twisted in a knot, even with a full orgasm. Have I not been edging properly? Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women: