Boy on a Leash – Part 1: The Pet Shop

I step into the pet store and see all the cute boys in their cages begging for my attention, but I walk straight over to you because I saw you in the window and I couldn’t resist. I wave at you and tell you how adorable you are. I put a finger between the bars on the cage and you anxiously wrap your tongue around it, which makes me giggle. “Alright, honey, lean back and spread them. Show me what you’ve got to work with.” You shuffle around in your cage and part your legs to show me your little cock. It’s soft, but growing fast under my gaze, and it looks like the final product will be promising. A few seconds more and you’ve got a nice, big shaft sprouting up. It turns from white to red to almost purple in all your excitement. Your cock bobs with each pulse of blood rushing into it, the head smacking against your belly. A smile grows across my face and I turn to the girl at the counter. “I’ll take him,” I say. She comes over and unlocks your cage, reaching in to put your collar on, then leading you out by your leash. You crawl out. She hands the leash to me and you stop at my feet, looking up obediently at your new master. “He’s housebroken,” the girl says. “But he careful. He hasn’t been neutered.” “Well, if he does well, I’ll let him stay that way. Otherwise it’s snip snip!” We laugh as I hand her my card and pay for you. “Have you tried him yet?” I ask. “Didn’t get a chance to, no. But I see him jerk off a lot in his cage. He shoots a lot of cum. Does it maybe three or four times a day.” “Oh my,” I say. “What are you feeding him?” I wave goodbye and lead you out onto the sidewalk, trotting you down the avenue for all to see. I get the usual smiles and backward glances at my slender 5’4 frame and generous bottom, but just as many are looking down at you, laughing, and commenting on how sweet you are. One girl even reaches down and strokes you on the head, then runs her hand down the length of your back and pats you on the bottom. You try to pounce on her, so I have to yank you back down on all fours. We round the corner and get to the valet stand, and who is waiting there but my close friend, Wendy? She yells and gives me a hug, then notices you sniffing at her on the ground. “Oh my God! Did you get a new pet?!” “Just picked him out. I haven’t gotten him home yet. Doesn’t even have a name, actually. I’ll just call him purple dick until I think of something better.” Wendy giggles and reaches down to pet you. “Do you mind watching him while I go hand the valet my ticket?” I ask. “Of course not,” Wendy says. “He’s such a cute little boy I just might take him home myself.” I hand her the leash and step away. Not ten seconds later, I turn around to see you up on two legs, pinning Wendy against a car while you rub your already rock-hard cock into her ass. I run over and swat at you. “No! Bad boy! Bad! You do not hump strangers like that!” Wendy is laughing and straightening her skirt after your assault. “Wendy,” I say. “I’m so sorry about that.” “It’s okay,” she says. “I’m sure he’ll be a good pet. He just needs to be trained.” She kneels down to your level and looks you in the eye. “You’re a good pet, aren’t you? But you’re not supposed to hump people like that on the street. Your new master is going to show you the right time and place for that kind of thing.” Wendy stands back up and turns to me. “Okay,” she says. “Now I’m totally fucking turned on. Are you going to take him home and fuck him?” “That was my plan,” I say. “Oh God, can I come over? I just want to watch. I swear. You can have him.” I look down at you, then back up at Wendy, trying to decide if I should complicate things… Get your own Tease and Denial toys: For men: For women:

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