can we have a frank discussion about “permanent” orgasm denial?

I am so curious about this but it’s hard to get straight information on it. So let’s discuss. I know there’s another subreddit on here for this but it’s very in active.I have a few questions. What really is “permanent” orgasm denial? Does anyone practice this, or does anyone else have this fantasy?Does a permanently denied sub really never come again? Is this achievable? Does the torment really increase indefinitely or does it plateau or does it actually become easier after he gives up on the idea of ever coming again? Does teasing and edging eventually become impossible without triggering an orgasm? Does it necessitate 24/7 cage wearing?My sub showed me this post a while back: It’s been a big inspiration to me and I want to make him regret showing me. I love how he worships me more and more intensely the longer it’s been since he’s come and I want him to burn with that desire indefinitely and without breaks.At first I was hesitant for a few reasons, but I keep fantasizing about doing this. I didn’t want to introduce the idea of permanence into our dynamic because it seemed unrealistic and I don’t like going back on my word. But, on the other hand, you could think of permanent denial like we do marriage: we make the commitment with every bit of sincerity that it will last “forever,” even if on some level we know that many marriages don’t make it, and we aspire to be one of the few who will, despite the odds.Second, it seems inevitable that, because I want to tease, edge, and deny him, orgasms will eventually happen. But on the other hand, it seems like my skill in edging him will increase from the challenge, and the occasional ruined orgasm might happen, but rarely and they will not be permitted and therefore lead to punishment. Maybe a long wait before being unlocked whatsoever. I also like the idea that he waits so, so long that his body is forced to push the cum out in his sleep, and that this is the only “relief” he ever gets.Finally, if he gets so sensitive that I can’t ride his cock without him coming, I felt like I would be missing out. But the idea of simply getting fucked by other guys who mean nothing to me while he worships me with every fiber of his being and gets nothing EVER seems like such a holistic way of completely dominating him, it really appeals to me.I know that lots of submissives who are into denial have fantasies about this, but what’s your honest take on this as a reality? Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women:

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