Allowed to edge only 4 times😢

I did so many good girl tasks today that my Sir decided to spoil me a bit and allow me the privilege of 4 edges. One for every task I did today. I love this positive reinforcement because it encourages me to do more things that are healthy for me like staying steady with my medications. I laid in bed with my feet keeping my rabbit vibrator inside me. Just far enough in though where the vibrator is unrelenting on my poor clitty and gets me close so fast. I then turned it on and I was so sensitive from the sever lack of touching my clitty has been subject to. It felt amazing and I didn’t want it to stop. After my first edge I became desperate for more edging because that’s the closest feeling I’ll get to an orgasm until May 9th. After the second edge I became a whimpering mess weakly humping against my vibrator. I was so sad that I had to take it out after the fourth. I really want to edge so badly. God I want more so bad. I was so grateful for this but now I’m so horny and achy with a swollen and throbbing clitty. I’m so tempted to be bad and edge more but then I’d have to tell Sir. I kind of want to be bratty though to see what he’ll do. It probably means more spankings the next time I see him. He’s a bit of a sadist too so he’ll gladly spank me more as a punishment. He loves using spankings as punishments. I don’t know how I’m going to survive this we started another month and it’s only been four days. I want my Sir to only allow me one orgasm per month though. I believe I should be a good sub and stay horny for him. Focusing more on making him cum and any pleasure for me being a privilege I must be good to earn. female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women:

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