Help a girl out with some ruins?

My Mistress has had me edging while watching forced orgasm and post orgasm torture all afternoon. I’m 13 days into edging and denial this time and my clit is screaming to be used hard. Mistress says I may present myself to you all this evening for ruining and clit torture tasks (spanking and nipple torture are of course also allowed). I am allowed unlimited ruins tonight if you think I deserve them. Good girls don’t cum. female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women:

Been ruining for days but need to stay on track now. I want to be a good girl and only edge. Can someone help?

I want to be a good girl but I’ve been ruining recently. I should edge more and be punished. I need some help pretty please female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women:

19F new to denial and could use some help

Hello everyone!I am very new to denial and could really use some help in how to start and get into it!I am somewhat familiar with edging and have been able to do it for a couple of hours maximum and then have an orgasm, i’ve never been able to just edge and then not orgasm.I would like to learn how to successfully edge for prolonged periods of time (several months maybe) but obviously that comes with time!I’m NOT looking for a dom but I would really appreciate some guidance from people who have experience with edging and denial whether that’s male or female, I don’t mind :)Thanks! <3 female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women:

my weekly report for master (day 72 of my denial)

hello again, I’m back with my weekly report for my master, it is a day late but I was busy yesterday so I’m sorry about that but it’s here now so I hope you enjoy reading it ☺️here are all my previous reports . (feel free to comment but if you wanna message me personally me personally please ask my master u/Separate-Amoeba first)it’s been an odd week for me personally but I was still able do lots of edging and stay denied although after more than 70 days of edging and teasing it’s getting harder to not let myself cum but I wanna be a good slut for master so I’ll continue edging and torturing myself so that I stay dumb and desperate for himthis week my owner decided it was time I did dp with both my dildos and he said we’ll be doing it on tuesday. I wasn’t really feeling up for it so he pushed it to the next day and made me no touch until the we did the dp in the afternoon. i like to do the opposite of what i’m told sometimes so being told I’m not allowed to touch always makes me want to touch even more so it made sure that I was ready. I was kind of scared to finally have both of my holes filled with dick but when I put the second one in my pussy I felt complete. I could feel myself being stretched out and it hurt but but I loved the full feeling. I had to wait a little bit to adjust to the new feelings and then I was ready to fuck myself with both at the same time. i wish i could describe the feeling of having both my holes fucked at once because it was perfect, completely mind shattering, I reached a state of bliss I didn’t think was possible. master had me edge 3 times like that and by the end my mind was fuzzy and it felt like a wave of satisfaction and euphoria washed over me. just writing about it now is turning me on and making my holes desperate to be filled again.master gave me a new rule this week, I had to pick a time at night and I have to be at the edge at the same time every day. i chose 10:23 and while that’s not late it’s been a busy week so i’ve been really tired while doing that edge. yesterday I asked if he was conditioning me and he said it was obvious. I guess I was too stupid to realize it but I like the idea of him conditioning me so I hope it starts working friends came over this week and my owner doesn’t want me to go too long thinking I’m a person so he had me put my nipple clamps on my labia for as long as i can and then he had me sneak away to edge. I always feel extra dirty when I have to edge at times where it’s not ideal to do so. it’s the thought that I could be doing something normal but instead I’m desperately touching myself trying to edge and then I have to go back to acting like owner also came up with a fun new punishment this week. I was punished for leaving disrespectful replies on his comments so he made me ask reddit for degrading things to say about myself and I had to voice record and share each one. you can find them all here (feel free to comment more things for me to say, i promise to reply with a voice message). it was embarrassing at first to have to say such dirty things about myself but I started to get turned on and I began enjoying it more. almost everything that was commented was true, I am in fact a dumb worthless whore and I should be able to admit it.master also came with another punishment that is one of the meanest ones he’s had but ig I deserve it for what I did. i’ve been reallyyyyy desperate to cum lately and I feel like I could very easily let myself cum with every edge I do so I was complaining about it and then I lied to master and told him that I came. so he punished me by making it rule that I’m only allowed to wear heels (aka slut shoes) for the weekend and that I have to have them on whenever I edge. I hate heels with a passion, they’re uncomfortable and I’m already too tall without them and there’s absolutely no fun aspect for me in this punishment so it is by far the worst thing he’s made me do.I said at the beginning that i’ve been more desperate to cum and while that true I hope I get over it soon because I really haven’t wanted to cum this badly since I started. I’m better when I’m denied and I just need to keep reinforcing that so that I don’t have a moment of weakness and let myself cum. my master doesn’t have plans on letting me cum anytime soon and I’m grateful for that. I know that I can beg and plead all I want but he won’t give in and I need that type of assertiveness so thank you master for not letting me cum and thank you for working hard on making me better, I truly do appreciate it. female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women:

Trouble with denial

I’ve been wanting to do denial for years now but I don’t really have the willpower to do it on my own.. I’m going to try again anyway, but I was hoping someone could help (or at least the subreddit). I want to try for at least a month.Edit: I’m an 18 yr old female. My biggest kinks are tease and denial, pet play and humiliation/degredation female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women: