This is [M/30]y plan f[F/40]or Monday

Hi, I’m a male, bi, dom/sub.I have a FWB mother of 2 coming to my place once a week, more or less. Monday will be the next time she’ll come.Over the time we introduced some BDSM, where I’m the dom and she is the sub. Spanking, choking, calling names, so far. Plus, the last time I tied her hands to the bed and used her (and edged her).So I’m going to smoke weed, and edge today and tomorrow, so I will be very horny for Monday with her. About edging, I’ll do it in cam as a sub (see my post history Monday, when she’ll come, I’m going be a dom, and I’m going to kiss her passionately, bring her to bed, take off her clothes (except underwear), tie her up, touch her panties and get her wet and horny. Then I’m going to take her panties off and put them in her mouth. I’m going to start fingering her, and then lick her pussy for a bit, until she is close to orgasm. Then I’m going to undress myself, put my dick in her mouth (while still tied), and then start fucking her. Before she cums, I’m going to pull of and cum in her mouth and on her face. While she is covered, I’m going to lick her pussy (and finger her), and make her extremely close to orgasm. I’m going to drink some water/beer for a minute, then go back to her and start playing with her…Not sure if I’ll make her cum more than once, and how I should do it. Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women: