New story subreddit! A story a day! – Two mini-stories with some orgasm control and chastity [Gentle Femdom][Kissing][Female Pleasure][Body Worship][Teasing]

(third advertisising of my new story hub subreddit, presenting a pack of 19 adorable stories in which two have a more particular focus on “more direct but still indirect” orgasm denial and control, and many of the stories should be sweet to the more softhearted of you, with the gentle teasing, femdom and worship it can contain here and there!Later on, I’ll advertise my upcoming and already existing stuff that’s much more about serious cases of blue balls than these little stories, you can already check it all over the main sticky post tho!)The stories are: 6/19 – Stomach Kisses (June 9th) and 8/19 – Eskimo Kisses (June 11th)​”Hello! I’ve just made my story subreddit page and thought to do a little advertisement under the form of 19 days of “story of the day”, but this and other stuff is already released!That’s not something new, I wrote “19 little stories about a cute kiss” last year, some will remember, and you can read them all today from my story hub!So yeah, that’s just for those who’ll enjoy getting in their head there is an advent calendar of 19 days that started on June 4th.Thanks for checking those cuties if you like, those are cheesy af Role Reversal stuff, often femdommy, sometimes SFW, sometimes NSFW, sometimes with some teasing, sometimes with giving sweet treats or doing gentle kinky things!” Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women: