My girlfriend had fun with me last night

Last night my Dom got a little horny. She decided to tease me for a bit, running her hand softly over my stomach and pants. She eventually told me to take my pants off and started teasing me through my underwear. She started grinding on my leg, telling me how much she liked me denied, continuing to tease me until I felt like I had soaked through my underwear with precumShe then finally asked me to take my underwear off, gently gliding her fingers across me. With her gently stroking me, telling me how she wasn’t going to let me cum, and grinding against me, it didn’t take long before I got right to the edge. I told her I was to close so she stopped touching. I felt like I didn’t ruin, but she said she felt cum hit her fingers. She told me that for every ruin, she would make me go a day without cumming.Throughout the night, she kept grinding on me. Slowly touching me, pushing me to the edge over and over and over again. She pushed me to the edge one time, and I swear I didn’t cum, but she just smiled and whispered in my ear that it counted anyways, so I was up to two days.After about a half hour of this, she pushed into my leg, breathing heavily as she told me she was cumming. At that same time she had to pull her hand away from me, since feeling her cum pressed against me made me almost finish on the spot.After she finished cumming, she idly played with my throbbing cock for a bit, pushing me back to the edge. I told her I was close like I usually do, but she didn’t stop for several more strokes on purpose, pulling away as she ruined me again, telling me that was three days.I get the feeling that when those three days get close to being finished, she might want to do that again, “accidentally” stroking for a bit after I hit the edge, making sure to add a day of denial each time. I wonder when I’ll be able to fully cum again, or maybe it’s more accurate to say “if.” Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women: