I created a monster….

My wife has always enjoyed getting me hard in random places or making me cum in my pants on a train etc. This all stopped for a number of years and recently I’ve started pushing more for her denying me and she’s loved being in control.This week we have agreed I’m not allowed to even touch my dick let alone cum and won’t be cumming whatever happens for a week until I buy her a luxury item she wants.She intends to tease me daily and has started already. It’s been less than a day and I’m already going crazy. Any advice on how to survive what I’ve fantasised about for so long but now it’s real it’s impossible as I’m so turned on and can’t stop thinking about it. We wrote down rules for the week and I came so hard afterwards and now she’s really making me ache.This is going to be the best and worst week of my life and I asked for it! Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: http://www.amzn.to/1V6XQvv For women: https://ift.tt/1UWn54n