Chance game

I’ll jump straight to the game and you can work out how you’d like to play it.The GameGo to and chance a number between 1 and 10, you have to edge this many times, 10second rest between edges.Now flip a coin. Heads you can cum, If you get tails however you can choose to play again today.This time, set the random number to be between 10 and 20. That’s your number of edges, 20 second rest between edges. Flip that coin again, heads you can cum, tails you can’t but you can play again, and yes that edge number and rest time goes up by ten again.The number of edges resets after each day, so if you decided not to continue playing then the next day your edge number restarts at 1-10 with ten seconds rest.Adaptations/hard modeRoll twice on each edge count, the lower number is the number of held edges.Your initial edge count is also the number of heads flips that don’t count.Your initial edge count is also the number of ruined orgasms you must have before a full orgasm, ruins can only be performed on heads flips.Start the edge number higher, eg 1-50 or 40-50.Your first coin flip determines whether you can cum, a second coin flip determines whether it is ruined (tails) or a full orgasm (heads).Your first coin flip determines if you can cum, a second flip determines if you can continue playing.Your edge number no longer resets each day.The idea behind this is that you should become more desperate to cum but you have to weigh that up with amassing an unrealistic number of edges.Any ideas or changes you have please comment! Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women: