Special Day Part 4

Part 1Part 2Part 3Well, he made it through part 4.. 25 minutes this time. I originally planned on ending the day with him cumming in the 4th session, but my toy made a wonderful suggestion earlier so I granted him another session. We took a little longer than expected between 3 and 4 due to making lunch. I don’t want my toy to run out of energy or stamina! I had him sit blindfolded in the same room on the same couch waiting for me while I put on a black and hot pink corset with push up cups, stockings and black lacy boy shorts.I started off by climbing on top of him and having him clean my sopping wet cunt again with his tongue. He loves to lick my pussy! I controlled myself and climbed off and got down on my knees between his legs. Even though he’s being such a good submissive, this was the first time restraining him today. I put on him a leather collar that has about a foot long strap coming off it to a ring to two short straps that have wrist cuffs. This can be used in the front or the back, but I left his hands in the front this time.Then it was time to work his asshole a little and reinsert the small plug from before. He’s sitting on on the sofa and with this harness on, he can hold his feet in the air giving me perfect access to his yummy bits. I got the plug in and worked it a few times, running my finger around his rim as I teased him by almost pulling it out and letting it back in. I gave him a few quick sucks on the head of his gorgeous dripping cock, and quickly decided he needed the medium plug!I removed the small plug and started working the medium in his back door. It didn’t take long to get it in because he’s so horny and loosened up at this point. I told him he could put his legs back down and to squeeze his ass rhythmically on his plug as I went back to work on his cock, timing my sucking/insertion motion to his squeezing his own ass muscles. He moaned uncontrollably when we got in a good rhythm. It’s so damn sexy to make him feel like a stud! I kept going back and forth from teasing with my tongue around the head to inhaling his whole cock in a bobbing motion, and repeating, doing neither long enough to let him get close.The timer surprised us both, 25 minutes flew by! At this point, I removed his blindfold, laid down on my back, and told him to lick me. He sucked my pussy grool through my panties and made sure I looked up to see strings of it running from my pussy through the panties to his lips. I pulled the panties aside when he cleaned me up and let him lick and clean my pussy lips. At this point, I couldn’t take it, and told him to fuck me. This was outside my planned challenge and rules to be giving him stimulation after the time limit, but a girl needs a cock, especially after this much teasing!He’s still wearing his harness, so he can’t really thrust on his knees with his cock in me. He leans forward to put both hands on sides of my head on the floor, and he sunk fully into my pussy. He fucked me slowly at first but picked up pace quickly, and literally stopped himself from cumming three times!!! The first he pulled out, and we just stared at each other as he regained his composure. FIRE! He sunk back in, hands free since he’s got all his weight on his arms, and fucked me again, slamming his hips down so his pubic bone spanked my clit when he bottomed out, almost doing pushups into me! The next two times he stopped, he stayed in me, holding still, breathing heavily, and burning holes into my soul by staring directly into my eyes. I love him so much!We stopped at that point, at which point I took an earlier suggestion from a comment on Part 1 and told him I might not be ready to let him cum tonight! The look on his face was pure lust mixed with surprise, panic, and shock as he processed this in his mind. He took a few deep breaths, and softly uttered, “Yes, mistress.”Should we post pictures?!?!?! Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: http://www.amzn.to/1V6XQvv For women: https://ift.tt/1UWn54n