Long nights with an innocent Catholic girl [FM]

Just reflecting on the night I was brutally blue balled by an innocent Catholic girl. Kari was my highschool girlfriend. She was soo beautifull, still is actually.She was on the gymnastics team and was built very much like elastic girl from the incredibles. Her breasts are a nice B cup on a small frame. Her tummy was hard and toned but her thighs and ass had this suble softness.She always dressed conservatively. In summer it was alot of athletic wear. In fall she really liked the tight jeans and sweater look which always gave me a hard on. Her hair was a light auburn color and always smelled great.She made it clear from the beginning that she was a virgin and she was saving IT for marrage. I respected that but let her know I was available if she changed her mind. She was very inexperienced and nieve in those days. But she was also dominant in a gentle way.For example when we started making out she had me keep my hands to my side. This was while she kissed me full on the lips and explored my body with her soft hands. It drove me insane. I grabbed her ass once and she jumped off me and very firmly said “if i cant trust you then i’m leaving.” She then asked. “Can i trust you to control yourself?” I held my arms to my side and said “I’m sorry, i’ll control myself” she smiled and walked back to me “Now hold still.” And with that she climbed back on me gave me an open mouth kiss. She then straddled me and started dry humping thru my clothes. She said “You can control yourself – i like that.”Her breathing started getting heavy. My cock was hard as ever and it obvious she like the feeling of grinding on it. As she continued humping me she said “I really like this, this is fun.” After what felt like an eternity of dry humping she sat up right, looked down at me and said “I think you’ve earned the right to touch me.” We made out for hours that night. I was able to touch her bare back and get nice hand fulls of her fabulous ass. I couldn’t get any further though.Eventually we stopped. We were fixing our cloths getting ready for me to take her home. I was insanely horney and kept adjusting my hardon in my pants. She noticed and said “i suppose your going to masterbate after you drop me off ha?” I was shocked and said “I might have to, im really horny right now.” She replied. “I’ld be really impressed if you showed self control and didn’t have to resort to cheap thrills to get off.” I said “baby, we made out for hours. I mean …. you know?” And i gestured to the obvious huge etection in my pants. “She walked up to me and pressed her tummy (i am quit a bit taller than her) against my bulge. She rested her hands on my chest, looked up and said “if you show me you can control yourself and save it tonight i’ll make it worth your while.” This was long before i had a tease and denial fetish. I was not liking this at all the time. But i liked her and promised i wouln’t jerk off. She smiled and kissed me.On the way to drop her off she chatted about how much fun making out was. How she really liked that i kept my hands to myself so she could concentrate on touching me. She reached over and squeezed my cock thru my jeans “this thing is soo hard. I love how hard it gets. It feels soo good when i rub on it.” I was soo horny i couln’t even focus on driving and missed my turn “aaaw, your all hot and bothered. Thats cute.” She said and gave my cock a playfull pat over my jeans. “You better get me home.”When i parked in her driveway she was still toying with the bulge in my pants. “Good night.” She said as if addressing my cock directly then she looked up. “See you tomorrow I had soo much fun tonight” she kissed me and left me to drive home with an insane case of blue balls.It was difficult but I kept my promise and didnt jerk off that night. I remember playing my guitar well past three AM trying to distract myself from the discomfort in my nuts and that heavy feeling in my dick.I’ll post a follow up soon Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: http://www.amzn.to/1V6XQvv For women: https://ift.tt/1UWn54n