Been denied over a week now, and I’m so sensitive I swear my pussy shudders when I yawn 😳🤤

Have any of you other lovelies experienced this?? I‘m often (eventually) allowed to edge, and have been actually waking up horny and wet recently. But even doing things like just stretching my arms above me in a big yawn makes me cut it short because of that involuntary and unexpected twinge 🙈🥰 female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women:

faproulette for women

Hello r/Femaleorgasmdenial,​I hope this is not against the rules, since I am techincally not looking for someone, so it shouldnt be a M4F. But rather asking the women, men, Doms and subs of this subreddit, if they know of a site similar to – but more tailored for women. I love edging, teasing and denying my subs (within their reason…or mine 🙂 ) and I would like to create similar tasks (as u can find on faproulette) for them. Especially when I am very busy I can prepare them in advance and have them being rolled out daily or at the start of a week. Now I know you can choose female content on that site too, but unfortunately its not really about the female edge – but the edge, tease and game character is what I am looking for.​So my key question is, is there a site with similar content, but for women?​If anyone actually has experience creating such “roulettes” or tasks, I am also glad to get some insight in how to best go about it (how to best edit, program? size? upload?). If you think I should look on another subreddit – feel free to point me in a direction.​Excited to get some more insight here!​Best, D female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women: