She never gets to orgasm. Well, almost never.

I’ve always had a much higher sex drive than her and it used to cause problems until finally, several years ago, I stopped trying to give her an orgasm every time we had sex. When we saw how much a lack of orgasm increased her sex drive, it started to grow into a regular thing. She still had orgasms but less and less often.Then it turned into a game, we’d go a couple weeks, a month, then several months. Now it has grown into pretty much permanent orgasm denial. It’s no longer a game, it’s just the way it is. I use her whenever I want and get as many orgasms as I want while she doesn’t get any. No masturbation, nothing. This is more extreme than I would recommend for others but it works for us.She’s more into it than I am, to the point where she is disappointed if she lets herself orgasm. The only part she struggles with is how good I am at getting her close. I’ll get her right to the edge then stop. We don’t do repeated edgings followed by an orgasm, for us it’s more about the pure denial. Whenever I’m done, she’s done too. She doesn’t get an orgasm, not ever. Seriously, she’d be happy if she never had an orgasm again.Of course there are mistakes. The longer she goes without an orgasm, the more her body craves one. We have to be very careful, to the point where if I’m pounding away and not paying attention, she’ll accidentally go over the edge. If it’s been a really long time, we can’t do any foreplay or else she’ll cum way too easily.When there are mistakes, I try to ruin her orgasm as quickly as possible. I’ll pull out and stop touching her completely. Sometimes she needs a little pain to snap her out of it. If she’s going to have an orgasm, at least it won’t be a good one.Denying her orgasms works great for us. She enjoys always being ready for sex, eager for whatever kinky thing I’m in the mood for. I enjoy her being my slutty little sex toy, always enthusiastic at a moments notice. Imagine a pet dog or cat sleeping on the couch, all you have to do is touch the bag of treats and it will come running. That’s what permanent orgasm denial is like for us. She’s not constantly begging for sex but it takes almost nothing to get her in the mood.Recently we’ve been on a particularly long stretch with no accidental orgasms. It was obvious that her body was wound tight and desperate for some release. The problem was, I was in the mood for more than just a quickie. I wanted to play with her body but I knew that even mild foreplay would send her right over the edge with no warning.Bondage has always been a favorite of ours. In fact, that’s one of the drawbacks of permanent denial, bondage is such a trigger for her that it can easily make her orgasm by accident. As a result, I don’t tie her up nearly as often or as extreme as I used to.In this case, I had no choice. If I didn’t restrain her, she wouldn’t be able to help herself. Her body was so ready for an orgasm, if I fucked her I knew she would simply lean into it and sneak an orgasm without warning. Restraining her was the only way I’d be able to play with her body while also being able to control her and keep her from having an orgasm.It didn’t work.I tied her arms and legs to the bed posts so she couldn’t touch herself. All I would have to do is let go and she’d be stuck there with no stimulation. With her legs spread, she knew I could slap her pussy if I needed to stop an orgasm. I don’t usually have to do that though, usually I just stop touching her and wait for her to cool down.I finished the last knot then turned to get a little clamp I sometimes use on her delicate parts. That’s when I heard her say “Oh no.” I hadn’t even touched her yet, the thought of the clamp was all it took.I didn’t believe it at first. I never would have guessed that she could orgasm with absolutely no stimulation whatsoever. It wasn’t a little orgasm either, it was a big one. I considered slapping her pussy hard to make her stop but it was too late. Instead, I simply stood there and watched. Her convulsions lasted for several minutes. Not once did I touch her, I just stood there quietly and watched as she struggled to make it stop.So that’s the power of permanent orgasm denial. She went from having too little libido to being able to orgasm faster than a horny teenage boy. The really cool part is that an occasional orgasm like this no longer ruins her libido. As long as she doesn’t get to orgasm regularly, she stays hungry for more sex. The way things are going now, she will never be allowed to orgasm again. female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women: