Lesson: denial > orgasm

This was written almost two weeks after starting Sir’s new dice game. After five days of denial and over 30 times edging Sir spent a great deal of time forcing orgasm after orgasm out of me…Though in the moment I may protest and beg to cum, I like being denied. I enjoy the idea that Sir is thinking of me, getting hard because of my denial, and restricting me from pleasure he’s free to obtain at his leisure.Edging takes my mind to darker places than it would otherwise go if I was allowed to just cum. I like that most about it. Edging allows me to delve deep into what turns me on and lets me explore a little bit of why.Much like the story I wrote about begging for relief, forced orgasms are not a relaxing form of relief! Haha!I may not be ready, but I have to accept it nonetheless.The thing about forced orgasms after a long period of denial, though, is that they feel better, in a way. Like a reward. And the way it hits you is different than if you’d just been cumming freely over the past week. It’s smooth, almost – I don’t know how to describe it.And it’s easier to cum. You’ve been on the edge for days, maybe weeks, and it’s hard to keep yourself on the brink – going over the edge is simple at this point. I think Sir likes that struggle, and it makes me better to learn how to control it during those times.-sub female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: http://www.amzn.to/1V6XQvv For women: http://ift.tt/1UWn54n

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