Help finding a story?

I thought about putting this on TOMP, but that’s more for videos I would think…I’m looking for a story about a woman who is “auditioning” for a Kink-like porn channel that involves sex slaves, and part of her audition process involves being “trained” to want nothing but to orgasm. The training involves being locked in a iron-maiden-like device in a kneeling position, her entire body unable to move, and a machine basically keeps her on edge of cumming for and extremely long time. It ends up being hours upon hours, and the people running the machine fuck with her brain by telling her she’s only been in for a couple of hours… she ends up nearly losing her mind, and turns into a complete sex slave slut for the tv show.Not sure if all of these details are accurate, but it’s close enough to what I remember. I could swear it was on Literotica, but I can’t find it no matter what I search for. I’m desperate for help, throwing a hail mary hoping someone knows this story… female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women: