New toys and sir won’t let me cum!

So my owner allowed me to buy some new toys for us to play with great. So I brought a nice jewelled butt plug that looks perfect in my ass and a set of kegel balls for fun! What I’d give for sir to fuck my wet tight deprived pussy while wearing that butt plug!Mean while I’m not allowed to cum till I get a huge dildo so I can pound my ass and cum that way.Currently I’m so turned on my pussy is so wet and clit hard I’d do anything to cum and he knows it.Today I’ve been wearing the balls at work and wow what a feeling. Not just the fact I’m wearing them for sir and it turning me and getting very wet. But how much of a filthy slut I am, wearing these balls while in meetings and training colleagues. If only they knew I was a dirty deprived cum slutIn addition to this I am masturbating for 2 mins the stopping I can’t cum. Even tho I really want too.I’ve never done this before and I wish I had it’s the best feeling ever. So thank you sir for allowing me tooBut god I’m fucking horny! It’s hard not cum when touching myself but I love it!I love being like this. Such a slut I am! female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women:

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