My dom is making me earn my edges today by sharing my denial so far.

I’ve been in denial for just under 2 weeks now and I have 2 more weeks to go. My dom gives me daily allowances on how much I can edge. Sometimes it’s by count (7 edges a day for example) and sometimes it’s by time. Yesterday, he allowed me to edge for 2 whole hours! I’m a fan of anal videos so I like to listen to them as I edge. Sir and I recently worked up to him being able to use my ass and he goes hard. It feels so amazing! Sir makes me feel so full and stretched out. I love taking it in my ass for him like a good anal slut.So yesterday, after edging for a few minutes and listening to others moan while taking a dick in their ass, I couldn’t resist anymore. I took my vibrating dildo that I was edging with and slowly put it in my ass. I felt so full and the vibration was amazing, but it was still not as good as when my dom fucks my ass. I used my fingers to play with my clit while the vib was inside. I edged like that for over 30 minutes before I wouldn’t take it anymore and stopped.I also like to edge before going to bed. I like going to bed horny and it often means I wake up horny and wet. Last night before bed, a few hours after the anal edging, I was edging with my vib on my clit again. I got super close and couldn’t continue without cumming. I still had time left so I decided to put my vibrating dildo in my pussy instead. I usually cum from clit stimulation so I didn’t need to worry about accidentally cumming. I’m always so wet from edging that I never need lube to slide any toys inside my pussy. I had my vib inside for most of the remaining time I had left. When I had about 1.5 minutes left, I took the vib out and edged by clit for the remaining time. Even with just 1.5 minutes, I got incredibly close. I went to bed wet, horny, and desperate for my Sir to fuck me.Extra info. The previous longest time I’ve been in denial was 2 weeks. Sir and I broke that record a little while ago after hitting 3 weeks. Now we’re extending it to 4 weeks. Sir says he wants to slowly push me to my breaking out. I’m incredibly excited about the prospects. I’m also a little nervous (in a good way) because not cumming after edging is so hard and frustrating. I can’t wait to see how desperate I become.A fun thing my dom and I found out is after about 2 weeks of denial, I frequently hump Sir’s leg whenever we’re lying next to each other. I’m so insanely desperate that I can’t help but humiliate myself by humping his leg. He’s certainly not coming though. female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women: