Hey Reynard from Tantalism.org, three years ago to the day you announced you were “taking a break” for whatever reasons and would “organise something”. Tick, tick, tick… what’s the hold up dude? I give you full credit for being the first to create a site based on female orgasm denial and give Susan and Andrea even more credit for taking the site to a whole new level, despite that absolute buffoon Mongojerry2 and his imaginary wife always interfering. But are you coming back or not? I’m guessing three years without a word from you means no. Fortunately there are now plenty of female chastity, teasing and orgasm denial sites out there but you ought to at least announce your retirement from it since your site was once our only outlet. I do hope you will someday return with a revamped site, ignoring the meaningless 2257 BS but either way please let us know.Mistress Renee female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: http://www.amzn.to/1V6XQvv For women: https://ift.tt/1UWn54n

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