Five Months

Just a quick 5 month update from a couple questions someone had asked me.In regards to my sex life… I have a regular friend with benefits who I don’t see as often as I’d like but when I do see him I’m horny and want nothing more than for him to deny me. He isn’t as into the denial as I am (we’ve discussed it before) so I just kinda “fake it” and still enjoy being used and having fun with him.There’s also someone else who only recently just started using me. He uses me when he can and loves the fact that he can fuck me and not have to worry about me having an orgasm. He said it makes me a lot more horny and wet being denied as much as I am.As for “firsts” especially more so in these last few months going without panties has really intensified my denial and arousal. It’s also helped me to see and feel that my holes should be used even though I’ve not yet been brave enough to do that because it freaks me out but maybe sometime this year it’ll happen.Life in general to my denial I find at random moments in the day I can be horny for know reason and at times at the most inconvenient time and or place. I’ve been known to wake in the night wet and aching humping the air and sometimes my pillow.The only thing I need to be better about is actually making sure I’m doing something sexual everyday because I know this will add to my arousal as well as to my denial. This will be something I work more on this week and this month. female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women: