My daily edge tracker!

Someone aptly pointed out how disappointing it was that I wasn’t keeping track of my daily edges. Why go to all the bother if begging for them if I don’t keep a good record?If you haven’t been following along, i started an edging challenge game with several redditors through PM. The idea was that we’re would take turns edging, waiting for the other persons turn before taking my turn. If somebody had an accident then n they’d ruin it and give the other person a full orgasm.Well, that was fun for a bit, but when my partner decided that while it was hot that I’d need permission from redditors to edge, she wants to be the sole arbiter of all of my orgasms. Ruined our otherwise.So the new game is that I beg you all for an edge and when I complete it then I’ll share detail about it, including any fantasy or porn material that I used.I’ll use this post for daily updates on how many edges I’ve done. If it makes more sense ro make a new post for everyday then I can dip that, I just thought it would be best to not clutter up the sub.As always, feel free to just tell me to edge for your amusement. I try to take directions as best I can, but will let you know if i either cant do something at the moment or am not willing to.Some directions i always seem to like: reciting mantras while i edge, especially degrading our humiliating ones, edge to a specific gif or video, edge while in a certain position or on a particular object (like edging myself on the floor or a pillow or something else), nipple play, etc.Some directions I can sometimes take: using a buttplug or dildo, deepthroating the dildo, edging in public. I have a life outside of edging, so I can’t always drop everything I’m doing and put in my butt plug or spend hours deepthroating. I’ll do my best to accommodate as I am able!! A lot of my edges happen outside the bedroom, so I won’t always have the privacy to do these types, but I’m really good at sneaking in an edge with just my hand rubbing outside of my clothes!Please remember that I have a LOT of messages and expect even more to flow in. Please be patient and I’ll try to keep up as best as I can!Other things: * I’m bi, so I get off on both men and women and everything in between * I have a very deep cuckqueen kink. I’d love it if you sent me your ideal woman so that I can edge to her and be put in my place * I am trans, so be aware that if I may refer to my dick as my clit and my asshole as my pussy.* I will not kik or snap or do anything else * I will not share pics. I had another account where I did share pics but my partner didnt like it so I’ve stopped. Please respect our decision and dont ask for pics.Thanks! female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women: