Day 2/31 edging (or trying to) with benzocaine as punishment for ruining

VIDEO LINK (4th video down) (at the time of posting it may not be visible yet, give it an hour from when this post goes live)I was about to write up a post about how since I lost a lot of sensitivity in my clit from the ruin that I wouldn’t do the benzocaine edging, but I figured I’d give it a try. Definitely glad I. did cause it was still absolute torture. I don’t know what it is about having a numbed clit but it makes my pussy go insane. It swells up so much that when I feel my lips (inner and outer) they’re almost hard they’re so engorged and I can see my clit when I’m edging it popping out basically. And mentally when I see a vibrator hit my completely swollen clit I’m ready for a really hard edge but instead to get basically nothing but some pain (from putting the vibrations on my clit over and over again at such a fast intensity) is agonizing physically and mentally. It also makes me want to keep going even though I get no reward. It’s like a gambling addiction; I got lucky once and I just have to keep trying and trying again just for a chance at feeling some kind of. pleasure. And there’s always a thought in my mind of “what if it never wears off and I have a numb clit forever? which also plays into the mental aspect of this. Benzocaine is an awesome punishment and I intend to use it for that use (hopefully won’t have to use it too much though). I think this may have helped my clit and pussy get back to that dripping and swollen mess ya’ll love seeing.Anyway, for the next week, I’m going to do a schedule that will hopefully 1) allow me to try to do 50 edges in 20 minutes that will not end in a ruin, and 2) make it very difficult to actually get to 50 edges with cumming/ruining in 20 minutes.Monday I’ll try to get to 10 edges in 20 minutes. Pretty easy/doableTuesday I’ll do 20 edges in 20 minutesSo on and so forth until Friday where I again try the 50 edges in 20 minutes. This way I’m both training for it, but I feel like I’m also making it difficult because each day goes up in intensity, so I’m excited for that. female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women:

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