What I’m learning about true orgasm denial

I’ve only recently been doing true orgasm denial since the new year. Sure I’ve dabbled in self denial before, but it was never continuous and it was just personal goals. Now that my partner is literally controlling every orgasm I’m in this constant state of need!So things I’ve learned:getting an orgasm is fun and good, but since denial immediately ensues it isnt ever enough. Even when I get one, I immediately want anotherI’m willing to do a LOT to have a chance to cum or even just get edged. Currently im grocery shopping with my butt plug and dripping all over. I’ve always fantasized over having to do crazy things to earn an orgasm, but I never dreamed I would actually do them. Now I’m positive I’d do things outside of my comfort zone if I got to cumbeing denied by another person is 1000% sexier than self denial. I feel so hot whenever I hear that word “no”If I ever need to “reset” out of this denial cycle then I’ll need an “orgasm vacation” or a period of time where I can cum as much as I want over a course of days. Otherwise I dont think I’ll ever break the cycle of constant horniness!even as horny as i am, it is possible to put my carnal desires aside to focus on other things. I just have to keep my thoughts pure!!being denied has a way of making me feel very deeply submissive and owned, unlike anything I’ve experienced before. It is a 24/7 thing that continually keeps me in my place, even if I’m not with my partner and doesnt really require much effort of either of us like other TPE things might.the pleasure derived from a forced edge, where my partner doesnt permit me to cum but also doesnt stop playing with me and rubbing my clit is indescribable. Having to just ride the edge and bear it is so difficult but is doable and feels amazing! The feeling radiates from my genitals throughout my body and makes everything vibrate in joyI both love and hate this denial. I’d love nothing more right now than to strip off all my clothes and make myself silly with orgasm after orgasm. But I also dont want to disappoint my partner and I know how terrible I’ll feel after coming down from those orgasms. I like being this horny and ill miss it if I destroy it!I am so much more desperate to be fucked. As a trans girl who is married to a girl, I dont often get fucked and that’s been mostly ok with me. I’ve gotten by with mostly manual, oral and the occasional penetration of my partner. Very rarely did I get penetrated. Now though, I’m cherishing my butt plug adventures and nightly routine. But I also just have this very desperate desire to get my brains fucked out of me. Just a relentless pounding that doesnt stop. Just The thought of it by typing this out is too much… I have to move on or I’ll get stuck here and might have an accident!I’ll post more as I go, but I hope that you can see how much of a good girl this denial is making me, even in such a short time span! female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: http://www.amzn.to/1V6XQvv For women: https://ift.tt/1UWn54n

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