My second year in denial [20F]

Last new years i started my orgasm denial journey. i had experimented with tease and denial beforehand, but this was my first serious attempt at it. i haven’t had a single orgasm since december 2018 though i’ve been constantly horny. i started of just edging a few times a day to keep myself horny but in the last few month that has been far from enough. In September i started wearing a vibrator to school. It is always set to a low setting so that i don’t get close to cumming but stay frustrated. I’ve been doing that at least three times a week since then. Two of my clasmates noticed one time and they had me tell the whole story. they agreed to keep it secred as long as they get to control the vibrator once in a while. i’ve become so horny that i somtimes zone out in the bus, and find my hand sliding down under my skirt. i stopped wearing panties most of the time partly becouse they constently got soaked but mostly because i find it more fitting for a denial slut. I also use the Clit jewlery to when i’m not home.since i started my denial i’ve been dealing out a lot more sexual favors. Only hand and oral.please feel free to tell me to edge og do somthing to earn an edge. i am beginning to run out of ideas.Over a year ago i decided that i would stop when it began to affect my grades. But as it looks now i’ll be done with this school before that happens 😛 female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women:

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