Unofficial no touch fun!

Hey all!!So, my gf is sick and I’m on my period, so I’m kind of on an unofficial no touch! It’s really hard. I’m even more horny than usual, and my nipples are WICKED sensitive. I doubt I could, but it feels like I could cum just from nipple stimulation. So what did I decide to do? Since I’m a genius little slut, I’m going nuts with my nipple clamps while I wait for things to work out again! Because that’ll definitely make it better.Both because I’m starting to get used to being a painslut, and because of that added sensitivity, low amounts of pain feel genuinely pleasurable. Like someone’s actually playing with my nipples. I have a cute pair of clamps from amazon – they don’t hurt much so I can keep them on for so long (which of course makes taking them off super fun). But, whenever I flick them a little bit or tug on them or add pressure to the teeth… God. One day I want to try edging just off this. I mean, I’d probably have to be really denied and really desperate to edge off this… Maybe a few weeks, months, even a year! Who knows?My gf and I have been trading videos all last week, which is not helping at all, since all I can think of is watching her use her clover clamps or put like 5 clamps on at once. So, you know. Very turned on. She’s even promised a couple more if she feels better by today or tomorrow… so I’m kind of in hell right now. ): but that’s okay! Because I know that’s how she’d want me.I’m thinking of trying to wear some bobby pins under my bra tomorrow, though I’m very bad at putting them on. Also, what happens if the pain gets too intense? Will I be able to hide the pain? How would I rush to the bathroom? I have two classes and a bunch of activities tomorrow. I’m sure she’d like me to be in constant torture for the entire day.. And she does know best. I’ll probably try it out in the morning and see if it seems possible. Anyways, this was kind of a rant but I figured it might be something this subreddit would enjoy! 🙂 female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women:

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