Not sure if I did it right?

I just found edging last week and thought I would try it out. The only advice I seem to come across is to touch yourself until you’re on the verge, stop, start, stop, and so on.So I did one edge around noon after like an hour of being really turned on. After the edge I felt so connected and a flood of hormones hit me. Later that night I edged about 3 times and after that last one I felt a soreness between my vagina and asshole, like on the back wall of my vagina. Is this the “blue walls” I’ve heard about? Nothing prepared me for that.After I started feeling that, I figured if I let myself orgasm, it would go away. The orgasm didn’t feel as good as normal.I think I need some help on this one you guys. female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women:

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