Denial Day 7: Edging Games and Punishment

Unfortunately, I was unable to see my boyfriend this weekend, and ohhh is he making me pay for “hyping him up” and then not delivering. I downloaded that thing counter app I’ve seen on here a lot and a dice roller app that can roll up to 3 dice so we can play a little game with it. We started with 2 dice. He told me to roll the dice and the number will either be the minimum number of edges I have to do that day or the minimum number of days before I can orgasm. He can always add more time/edges as he sees fit. I rolled 2 dice and got an 11. He decided that that will be how many edges I get today. No more, no less unless HE says so (no sneaking in more edges or slacking off of them lol). And every day I have to roll the dice again to decide the new number of edges. I will do this every day indefinitely until he feels nice enough to grant me an orgasm, and then it’s right back to edging and denial. And when I see him in person he is going to do a very long teasing session since I teased him by saying I’d come over and then not coming over. I will have my hands tied behind my back and a blindfold on and he will touch me all over except my clit for as long as he desires. I’m gonna die but I kinda love it? Lol there’s something about the conflicting feelings that’s so addicting. I really want to cum but I’m also really turned on by him telling me no and I love edging for him. I don’t deserve to cum. Especially after that. But I will make it up to him by doing whatever he wants and letting him use me however he wants as much as he wants and I’ll even go above and beyond and clean his apartment and cook him some really nice meals! Anything to make it up to him for being such a tease (even though it was unintentional.) female orgasm denial Get your own Orgasm Control toys: For men: For women: